Christmas Coloring Pages — and What to Do With Them

Christmas coloring pages can be taken beyond posting on the fridge and creatively used throughout the holiday season.

Kids love Christmas coloring pages, and adults do too — mostly because they keep the little ones busy and allow for a few moments of much-needed peace and quiet over the holiday season. First we’ll explore examples of the variety of areas to find Christmas coloring pages, and we’ll follow that up with ways to use these creations after the masterpieces have been completed!

Standard coloring and activity books can be purchased either new or used at thrift stores. This can also be a good option for having on hand at Christmas gatherings or parties where children will be gathering as well.

Coloring pages can be copied from teacher printable books. Print some coloring pages from these books for a variety of ages. Preschool age children won’t get frustrated and quit as long as they have larger surface areas to color and stay in the lines. Whereas a middle school age child, may prefer a more detailed picture like a stained glass image to challenge them.

Many printable coloring pages are available for free online — here are just a few of the many places you can find them almost fifty large, fun pages, a selection of pages for any age child, many great pages as well as links to other Christmas printables.

But what if you aspire to slightly more than just keeping the kids busy? Never fear, you brave soul. Here are five great uses for Christmas coloring pages after they have been lovingly decorated.

1. Artwork

Christmas coloring pages can become a perfect art project. Children can explore warm and cool colors, or you can have them take the time to create their own coloring pages and swap them with other children. There’s nothing quite like coloring a sheet made especially for you by another friend.

2. Placemats

After the pages are colored, you can create Christmas placemats. Simply glue the picture on a piece of heavy cardstock and laminate it. If you don’t happen to have access to a laminator (what? You don’t have one in the garage? Are you sure?), you can use mac tac, which is a sticky, clear plastic used to cover books. It sells for a couple dollars a roll at most stationary and office supply stores.

3. Become computer savvy

Christmas coloring pages are a great way to introduce kids to PhotoShop or even MS Paint. Copy and paste the coloring pages and let them have fun playing around with the different tools and functions. A word of caution, though, skim through the picture yourself first and make sure there are no gaps in the drawn lines. Otherwise the fill tool will fill the entire page!

4. Christmas cards

Shrink the coloring pages down and glue them on a folded piece of paper, or blank cards from a craft store. Your kids can have hours of fun creating personalized Christmas cards for the entire family.

5. Wrapping paper

If you’re feeling really creative, either blow the picture up or tape several together to make a big Christmas poster. Have the kids color it and then carefully wrap a gift for Grandma or Grandpa in the pages. It’s a present around a present!

Whatever you decide to do with them, coloring is fun for everyone involved. And the enthusiasm for any age “child” at seeing their Christmas coloring pages on display will spill over into the holiday spirit for sure.