Kids Christmas Crafts in 7 Simple Steps

Create fun kids Christmas crafts this season out of an old craft favorite – the popsicle stick

Kids Christmas crafts start with the basics – the popsicle stick – and turns into a Santa ornament with 7 simple steps. This Santa makes a great addition to the Christmas tree, while also being a fun endeavor for your kids. They will be entertained for an hour – painting, gluing, and assembling – and will be thrilled with the finished product.

Santa popsicle ornament

To begin your easy kids Christmas crafts, gather the little ones and get them started with a cup of hot cocoa. This should be a fun, relaxed experience that the kids will enjoy and remember, rather than a rushed and overly organized craft project. Now let’s begin with the basics – what you need!


— 8 miniature craft sticks (popsicle sticks)

— White cardstock

— Acrylic paint in red, black, white

— Paint brush

— Craft glue

— Scissors



1. Begin your Santa Christmas crafts for kids by painting 6 of the craft sticks with the white, acrylic paint. The other 2 sticks need to be painted with the red, acrylic paint.

2. While the sticks are drying, cut out a triangle from the cardstock. The base of the triangle should be about 3″ wide.

3. Once the paint is dry on your 8 sticks, lay them out on the cardstock so that the 2 red popsicle sticks are on the outside edges of the triangle. Lay a white stick about 1 inch from the bottom of the triangle, parallel to the bottom (this is the base of the hat).

4. Lay out the popsicle beard with the remaining 5 white sticks, raising the outside sticks to create “sideburns” framing Santa’s face. Glue these 8 sticks into place.

5. Once the glue has dried, paint the cardstock “hat” red to match the sticks. Paint the small space between the beard and base of the hat a skin-color (mix white with a tiny bit of red).

6. Finish Santa by painting on his face. Use your skin-colored paint that is left over from Santa’s face, and add a hint of red to it to make rosy pink cheeks. Paint on 2 small circles for blushing cheeks. Use your black paint to put 2 small circles where his eyes belong and a small, upside-down semi circle for a nose.

7. Punch a hole in the top of Santa’s hat and string ribbon or yarn through the hole in order to hang your new ornament on the tree.

These enjoyable Christmas arts and crafts for kids are the perfect addition to the holiday festivities this year. Enjoy and admire the handiwork on your kids Christmas crafts.