Super Easy Christmas Ornament Craft

Plastic canvas is great for a Christmas ornament craft

Christmas ornament craft projects are always fun to do during the holidays. A Christmas ornament craft can be used to decorate a Christmas tree, or to decorate a Christmas gift. A Christmas ornament craft is also a great gift for a coworker or a casual acquaintance.

Krafty Kris’s frog kisses – a favorite Christmas ornament craft

The adorable Christmas ornament craft pictured is one I call frog kisses. Why? Because it is a frog and I put a Hershey’s kiss in its mouth and use it to top wrapped Christmas packages.


Frog kisses is just one of many Christmas ornament crafts you can make using plastic canvas. If you make the Christmas ornament craft using different colors, and a little bit of felt, you can make this Christmas ornament craft into a puppy, or even a psychedelic creature of your own making.

To make the frog kisses Christmas ornament craft you use three square pieces of plastic canvas, all the same size. Fill each one with stitching. Then stitch them together. The back piece will have top piece attached to it on two sides and the bottom piece attached to it on two sides.

The result of the Christmas ornament craft is a 3 dimensional critter that opens its mouth when you squeeze it. Perfect for kisses!

Add felt to make the eyes for the frog Christmas ornament craft. For a puppy you can make his ears of felt and glue on beady eyes. You can even use black thread on the nose and put in some dark freckles in the face for a whisker appearance.

Did you know? If you kiss enough frogs you are sure to find a prince!

Frog kisses, or puppy kisses, is a quick and easy Christmas ornament craft that anyone can make.