3 Easy Steps to a Decorative Thanksgiving Craft Project

Looking for a Thanksgiving craft project? Build your own Thanksgiving wreath in 3 easy steps.

Do you love the wreaths you see in the store, but you find yourself disliking one specific component of them? Why not turn a wreath into a favorite Thanksgiving craft project? You can add the items you like and leave off those that you do not like. Build your own wreath in 3 easy steps.

The Grapevine Wreath

A grapevine wreath is one of the most popular wreaths of any Thanksgiving craft project. They are rustic, but classic. Simple, but chic. In 3 easy steps you can craft your favorite Thanksgiving wreath. Oh, and did I mention that step 1 is shopping? I thought you might like that!

Let’s get started by purchasing or finding the following items:

— Grapevine wreath

— Fall ribbon or 1 long strand of fall leaves

— Pine cones, fall colored glitter acorns, faux fall leaves, or other Thanksgiving crafts decorations

— Glue gun and glue sticks

Steps to building your Thanksgiving craft:

1. Purchase your items and prepare to begin!

2. Begin by wrapping either the fall ribbon or strand of fall leaves around the wreath. Be sure to wrap your ribbon or leaves tightly around the entire wreath, leaving a gap between each turn in order to see your grapevine.

3. Glue your embellishments around the wreath, using a generous amount of hot glue to adhere the items to your wreath. If you are having trouble getting the surface material of your embellishments to stick using the hot glue, fasten them on with craft wire, burying the wire in the grapevine to conceal it.

Your wreath is done! I told you it was simple. Now hang that beautiful Thanksgiving wreath on the front door for everyone to see.

The Feather Wreath

For a kitschy take on an old classic, build this feather wreath and be the talk of the neighborhood. It is fun, festive, and easy to build. Again, three easy steps to a fabulous Thanksgiving craft.

Items you will need for your feather wreath:

— Round, metal wreath frame or thick, Styrofoam wreath

— Orange boas or cat tails (you will probably need 2-3)

— Pine cones or other fall embellishments

— Craft wire

Let’s get started:

1. Buy your supplies and pour a cup of cocoa (ok, that’s 2 steps!).

2. Wrap your orange boas tightly around the frame, tying the ends to the frame with craft wire. Cover completely.

3. Once your wreath is wrapped, tie on your embellishments with the craft wire. If you like the plain, but fun, look of the feathery boa, don’t feel like you have to add embellishments to complete your wreath. My boa wreath is simple, but fun!

Now that you have 2 wreaths from these Thanksgiving craft projects, you are set for the fall. Enjoy your Thanksgiving craft project and be sure to check back to the site for Christmas wreath craft ideas over the next few weeks.