6 Steps to Original Christmas Ornament Crafts

Christmas ornament crafts that will light up your tree

Stop throwing away your old light bulbs. Use them for Christmas ornament crafts instead. Start with this light bulb Santa.


– Burned out light bulb

– Rubbing alcohol

– Acrylic paint in white, and beige

– Paint brushes

– Paint pens in black, red, and pink

– Red felt or red fabric

– White ribbon or strips of white, fluffy cotton


1. Start your ornament by cleaning the light bulb with the rubbing alcohol. This will allow the paint to stick better. Allow it a few minutes to dry.

2. Picture the large part of the bulb as Santa’s chin, and the metal end as his hat. Paint one coat of white acrylic paint over the entire bulb and give it time to dry. Once it is dry, Paint another coat of white over the entire bulb, leaving the top, half portion of the front of the bulb for Santa’s face. The rest should be seen as his hair, beard, and eyebrows.

3. Once the white paint dries, use the beige paint to add Santa’s face. Remember: Santa has a mustache and eyebrows. Touch up his face with white paint to add these, if needed.
4. Draw eyes using your black paint pen. Outline Santa’s nose using the black pen, as well. Use the pink pen to draw rosy cheeks and the red pen to add his mouth between his mustache and beard.

5. If you’re satisfied with your Christmas ornament craft, let him dry while you make his accessories.

6. Cut a hat from the red felt. Form a cone for a 3 dimensional hat, or cut a flat triangle for a simpler craft. Glue the hat around (if 3 dimensional) or in front of (if it’s flat) the metal part of the bulb. Use the white ribbon to trim his hat, just above his head. Tie it around once, and run above his hat in both directions to form a hanger for the ornament. Tie it in a knot. Hang from your tree!

You can use this ornament for other Christmas ornament craft ideas. Get creative and make a snowman, penguin, reindeer, or elf. Enjoy your homemade and recycled Christmas ornaments.