6 Steps to Simple Thanksgiving Crafts Centerpieces

These simple Thanksgiving crafts are dual purpose — they make festive decorations for your table and serve as gifts for your guests.

You decorate your Thanksgiving table every year, so why not change out that outdated cornucopia for these decorative gifts. These simple Thanksgiving crafts candy vases are decorative, festive, and make inexpensive, simple gifts for your Thanksgiving guests.

6 Steps to Personalized Candy Vase Centerpieces

Finish off that turkey dinner and pumpkin pie with an even sweeter treat. These mini vases filled with fall-colored Reese’s pieces are perfect embellishments to your dinner table this Thanksgiving. The best part is they serve as ‘thank you’ gifts for your guests. Once you have the headcount for your table, visit your local craft store to pick up the following items:

— Small, glass bud vases (be sure they have a lip)

— Straw or dried corn husks

— Raffia

— Fall-colored cardstock paper

— Scissors

— Glue

— Brown Marker

— Reese’s pieces

Once you have purchased your materials, begin by washing your vases in preparation to fill them with candy. With clean vases and a few minutes of time, you are now ready to begin your Thanksgiving crafts. Follow the 6 simple steps below to make your Thanksgiving craft centerpieces.

1. Fill each vase within an inch of the top with Reese’s pieces candies.

2. Bend each long husk or piece of straw in half, and gather into a small bouquet.

3. Place the bended ends in a bunch and tie tightly with raffia.

4. Insert the husks, tied ends first, into the top of the vase. You should now notice that your vase looks like a dried husk of corn.

5. Cut rectangles out for each name out of your cardstock. For a diverse and colorful effect, layer your rectangles (smallest on top displaying the name). Glue together and allow to dry. Finish, by writing each person’s name on the name card. (For a nice touch, write a personal note to each individual on the back of the name cards.)

6. Tie a few strands of raffia around the bend in each vase. Before tying into a bow, slide a name card on each vase and tie them so that they are centered on your raffia.

Your simple Thanksgiving crafts decorations are now finished! Place them in front of each place setting as table decorations. Your guests will be thrilled to see the beautiful, festive display, as well as the gifts they get to take home with them. Enjoy these and many more simple Thanksgiving crafts this holiday.