7 Uses to Turn Cranberries into Easy Christmas Crafts

You love the look, now turn those gorgeous cranberries into easy Christmas crafts

Cranberries aren’t just for eating anymore. Try these 7 different uses to turn bags of fresh cranberries into easy Christmas crafts. They’re colorful, fresh, and inexpensive to purchase. Don’t settle for pre-made decorations when you can make your own. Here are a few ideas to spice up your home with cranberries this Christmas.

1. Cranberry balls

Buy all the cranberries you want and go crazy making these easy Christmas crafts I recently enjoyed this craft. But I found 6 more fabulous uses for cranberry crafts.

2. Cranberry garland: This traditional craft gets reinvented


— Fresh cranberries

— Fishing line

— Sewing needle



1. Feed your fishing line through the eye of the needle.

2. String through the ends of each berry, pushing each cranberry onto the string until you reach your desired length.

3. Cut the line when you reach the length you want. Tie the ends in a firm knot.

Cranberry garland looks fabulous strung from the mantle, through the chandelier, or around the tree. Whatever you choose this easy Christmas craft for, you’re guaranteed to love it.

3. Flowers with cranberry accents


— Vases of various shapes

— Red flowers: poinsettias, roses, daisies, tulips, etc.

— Water

— Cranberries


1. Prune your flowers to the desired length of stems. Arrange flowers in each vase.

2. Depending on the desired look you can do either of the following. If you’re using multiple vases, I would consider doing both options.

— Fill the vase with cranberries and then fill with water. This give you a very-merry- berry look.

— Fill the vase with water and then place a layer of cranberries to float atop the water.

Proudly display your vases in the entry way or as centerpieces on your buffet. Use these easy Christmas crafts to accent any surface of your home.

4. Frozen cranberry wreaths

For locations where the weather gets below freezing, this wreath is a fun twist to the traditional adornment on your front door.


— Bundt pan

— Water

— Cranberries

— Ribbon


1. Fill the bottom of your bundt pan with water (1-2 inches).

2. Place cranberries throughout the water.

3. Freeze your pan. Once the water is completely frozen, and you’re ready to display your wreath (it won’t last long!), remove from the freezer. Carefully pop your ice wreath from the pan.

4. String a ribbon through the middle of the wreath and tie in a knot. Use this ribbon to hang the wreath from the door.

Be sure to check back on your wreath after some time has passed. You’ll probably have a handful of cranberries lying on your front porch!

5. Cranberry wreath

For those who don’t live in freezing (or even cold) areas, try this wreath!


— Styrofoam wreath

— Toothpicks

— Cranberries

— Black paint

— Paint brush


1. Paint your wreath black and allow to dry.

2. Break the toothpicks in half while you wait for the paint to dry.

3. Once the paint is dry, stick your toothpicks into the Styrofoam wreath, about a half inch deep.

4. Place a cranberry on each exposed end of the toothpick. Fill the wreath in this manner, placing your cranberries as close together as possible.

Sting this wreath from the door, window, or lie flat around some candles on the table. Whichever you choose, your easy Christmas crafts will look fantastic!

6. Cranberry candles

Mix these among your cranberry flower vases for an extraordinary and festive look.


— Glass hurricanes or glass bowls

— Water

— Floating candles

— Cranberries


1. Fill your hurricane or bowl with water.

2. Lay the candles and cranberries in the water and let them float.

3. Light the candles when you’re ready to entertain!

7. Cranberry ice cubes

This is a charming treat to any beverage! These are gorgeous and impressive.


— Ice trays

— Water

— Cranberries


1. Freeze a few cranberries into each ice cube hole in the tray. Don’t stuff it full or you won’t be able to hold them in place within the ice.

2. Use these in party beverages, tea, or water to add color to any drink.

Enjoy the festive look the cranberries give to your house, and your guests will admire the decor. Savor their reaction when you tell them you made these easy Christmas crafts decorations yourself! And have a Merry Christmas!