A Crafty Christmas Present for Friends and Family

Whether you’re looking for a crafty Christmas present for the kid next door or your accountant, a mousy mouse pad is always appropriate.

If you’re looking for a crafty Christmas present that serves a purpose instead of just looking pretty, this mouse pad is perfect for you. We live in an increasingly computerized world, and there are few jobs that don’t require some sort of computer use — not to mention the fact that most people these days have personal computers. A mouse pad is useful, fun, and can be a product of your crafty creativity.

What You Need

–9 X 12 sheet of white, black, or grey fun foam
–sheet of pink, purple, or blue fun foam
–nonslip liners (you can usually get these at department and discount stores — it’s just something to keep the foam from sliding around on the desktop)
–craft glue
–felt in colors to match your foam
–black felt
–yarn in a color that matches your second felt piece
–ribbons in the same color

What To Do

This crafty Christmas present is inexpensive and simple to whip up quickly — even a child can help out, and they make great teacher gifts. Your mouse-shaped mouse pad will bring smiles to the Scroogiest people around.

1. Place the large piece of fun foam on top of the nonslip liner. Trim the edges, rounding two corners on one short side and cutting the other short side to a point. You should end up with two identical pieces, one made of fun foam and the other made of nonslip liner.

2. Trace the pointed side of the foam onto your contrasting color piece. Draw a curving line and cut the piece out to form the head.

3. Use craft glue to stick a piece of yarn to the back side of the large foam piece, creating a “tail.” Next, glue the piece of nonslip liner underneath the foam, “trapping” the tail between the layers.

4. Cut two circles from the felt matching your main foam color. Cut two smaller circles from your contrasting foam piece and glue them onto the felt circles. Slip the felt circles under the top edge of your face piece and glue them down.

5. No crafty Christmas presents are complete without a chance to exercise your creativity, so here you go: go nuts on the face. Black felt makes great eyes and noses, and you can use the ribbons for whiskers. Beyond that, your imagination’s the limit.

6. Cover the mouse with a piece of waxed paper (so the mouse will move more easily). Place something heavy, such as a book, on top and let it dry completely.

And there you have it … a crafty Christmas present for all the technophiles on your shopping list.