A Key Holder is a Simple and Fun Christmas Gift to Make!

These professional looking key holders are perfect Christmas gifts to make for the entire family.

Looking for some Christmas gifts to make for your friends? What’s that? You also want them to be easy, inexpensive, and serve an actual purpose rather than collecting dust in a friend’s closet? No problem! Everyone can use a cute key holder to hang on their wall, and you can custom design these to your friends’ tastes, color code them to their homes, add witty sayings with meaning for only you two — the sky’s the limit.

What You’ll Need

— decorative wooden shape from a craft store, approximately 1/2 inch thick (I used some great Christmas trees on sale at our local shop but you can use whatever you want!)

— power drill (or, if you’re not the handy tape, picture hanging hardware)

— acrylic craft paints and brushes

— polyurethane (or a sealant to protect the paint from keys bumping and scratching it)

— a set of small gold hooks, the kind you can buy in inexpensive hardware sets

— ribbon for hanging (if using drill)

— adhesive bits of rubber or something else to keep the finished product from bumping against the wall

What To Do

These are great Christmas gifts to make in sets, when you can take a couple hours one day and churn out half your gifts without much fuss. Older kids can help with the painting and decorate one up for their teachers, babysitters, and friends, too.

1. Drill two small holes at the top left and right edges (you’ll use them later to thread the ribbon through for hanging).

2. Paint the wood. You can get really creative here, dabbing on different colors, experimenting with metallic shades. Again, if you want Christmas gifts to make for your friends, you might consider their home decor and favorite shades.

3. Let the paint dry and paint a coat of polyurethane over top to protect it.

4. Screw the hooks into the wood. Remember that this is a key holder, so space them so that keys could actually hang down without bumping into one another.

5. String the ribbon through the holes you drilled on top and tie the pieces together tightly.

6. Attach the bits of rubber to the back of your key holder so it won’t scratch up the wall or slide around every time someone picks up a set of keys.

And that’s all there is to the perfect Christmas gifts to make for family and friends!