A Shadow Box Makes a Unique Present For Christmas

Your Child’s Grandparents are Sure to Love a Shadow Box

If you’re tired of giving the same old Christmas presents year in and year out, try something different this year. A shadow box is a great Christmas craft project that can double as a Christmas present — allowing you to pass some holiday time in a fun and festive way while creating a wonderful Christmas gift at the same time. If you like the idea of crafting your very own shadow box, read on!

Finding the Shadow Box

You should be able to find an empty shadow box at craft stores and you shouldn’t have a problem finding a nice one for less than $20. Don’t forget that most craft stores print coupons in the local newspapers, so be on the lookout for a coupon that could save you money. Since the shadow box is usually the most expensive part of a shadow box craft, using a coupon on the item can save you quite a bit of money.

What To Put In It

There are a number of different items you can showcase in your shadow box. Giving a shadow box present to your child’s grandparents is a great idea and a shadow box will easily become a cherished present. You can display your child’s handprints in a shadow box. Have your child dip his hands in finger paint than place his hands down on a solid white sheet of paper. Make sure you label the date and your child’s name on the paper, and then enclose it in a shadow box. A shadow box present also makes a great Christmas gift for your child’s aunts, uncles, and godparents.

There are an endless amount of possibilities for creating a shadow box. If you are making the gift to include keepsakes from your infant, you can feature a picture or even one of their tiny shirts along with a pair of infant booties and a lock of hair.

Dressing It Up

There are a variety of embellishments that you can add to your shadow box present to put the finishing touches on it. You can decorate your main focal point with embellishments that are used when making scrapbooks. If you’re making a shadow box present for an individual that you went on a vacation with, make sure you include a memento from that trip.

You can certainly hire a professional to make a shadow box for you, but you will pay a lot of money and miss out on the fun of creating one yourself. This Christmas make a shadow box for those special individuals on your Christmas list.