Beautiful Christmas Gifts to Make!

These stained glass works of art are perfect Christmas gifts to make for family and friends!

If you’re searching for Christmas gifts to make and don’t mind putting a little effort into the process, this stained glass artwork will knock your socks off! They’re relatively inexpensive Christmas gifts to make (especially if you do more than one at a time), but the result is stunning. This is a great project for older kids, although they might require a little supervision, and adult crafters.


-Pieces of glass (go to your local discount store and buy frameless picture frames — they’re just a piece of glass held to a backing with clips. You can get them for about a dollar each).
-Glass paints (available at department store craft sections or arts and crafts stores, although they’re usually cheaper at department stores. A set is about $15).
-Simulated leading (often sold in sets with the paint. Don’t use real lead. You probably won’t find it anyway, and the cost will scare you off if you do!).
-A red or blue marker (you can use black, but it makes it hard to see what you’re doing when you trace over it with your “lead”)

Make It!

Lay your glass on a piece of paper and lightly trace around it with pencil. Set the glass aside. You now have a piece of paper the same size and shape as your work surface.

These are great Christmas gifts to make because they really let you exercise your creativity. Design your stained glass on the paper. You can pretty much design it however you choose as long as you keep these basic guidelines in mind:

-Keep your lines fairly far apart
-Simplicity is key — if you pick a complicated subject, try to reduce it to as few lines as possible
-All lines must touch

Once you’re pleased with your drawing, trace the lines in marker. Now slide the glass back onto the paper and you should be able to see your pattern through the glass. Use the “leading” to trace over your lines, beginning with the upper left corner and working to the bottom right (reverse if you’re left handed).

Once you’ve finished, begin filling in the spaces with colored glass paint. Again, these are great Christmas gifts to make because they all look fantastic, even if you smudge the paint or make an error. Try not to have two colors touching, but otherwise go to town and use your imagination. Just be careful when you color: the leading is still wet, and it’s all too easy to smudge it with your elbow!

Once you’re satisfied, leave the stained glass to dry overnight (the color of the paint changes slightly when it dries). When you see the result you won’t ever look for other Christmas gifts to make: these will be your new standbys!