Beautiful Kids Crafts for Christmas

Simple eggs become astonishing kids crafts for Christmas

Not all kids crafts for Christmas are simple and easy. Sometimes, it’s worth asking kids to put in some effort to make something really astonishing — something they will treasure for years to come. These incredible eggshell Christmas crafts do require some adult assistance and work, but they are inexpensive, not overly difficult to make, and look more impressive than anything you would buy in a store.

There are many different options for these crafts depending on the age and ability of the kids you’re working with. I’ve listed a few adaptations below, but feel free to use your imagination: there are no wrong answers when it comes to crafting.

Making eggshell kids crafts for Christmas

What You’ll Need:

-Large or extra large eggs
-Nail scissors
-Craft or tacky glue
-Thin ribbon
-Optional embellishments: glitter, small craft stones, flowers, tiny Christmas figures, etc.

What to Do:

1. Drain the eggs by carefully poking a hole in each end with the needle. You can poke the needle through and use it to break the yoke, which will make the next step easier.

2. Over a sink, carefully blow through one of the holes until you’ve squeezed most of the egg out of the shell. You can run some water through the egg to help clean it out more efficiently.

3. If desired, decorate the egg. There are all kinds of options here. You can dye the egg red or green with food coloring as you would for Easter eggs, or you could even use the traditional Ukrainian method of egg dyeing to create a fancier look. If you go to that trouble, your egg will be quite strong and you won’t have to do step four.

If you do choose to use a Ukrainian method, you’ll end up placing wax over each color to provide your design in that color before dipping it into the next darker color. One way to make it more Christmas-y is to stick to white, red, and green under your black.

4. Paint over the entire egg with a layer of craft glue to strengthen the shell.

5. OPTIONAL: Use a needle to press a hole in one side of the egg. Using the nail scissors, carefully cut out an oval to reveal the inside of the egg. Give it another rinse, let it dry, and then paint the interior with craft glue, too.

6. From this point on, it’s all about decoration. Let your imagination go wild! Some ideas might include:
-Glue a scene into the egg
-Glue on decorative items either inside or outside the egg
-Use paints or markers to further decorate the ornament

7. Tie a knot in your ribbon to make a loop. Carefully push the rounded edge of the loop through the hole in top of the egg. The knot should catch, preventing the ribbon from slipping through the top of the shell. Now you can hang your ornament.

That’s it! These simple and beautiful kids Christmas crafts will be yours to treasure for years to come.