Buying Discount Craft Supplies Saves You Loads of Money

5 tips for finding discount craft supplies

Discount craft supplies are not always easy to find. But if you keep your eyes peeled and stay alert, you’ll find lots of discount craft supplies. Krafty Kris has some great ideas for discount craft supplies.

Krafty Kris’s tips for finding discount craft supplies…

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to save money on craft supplies. After all, shopping discount stores is not the only way to come by discount craft supplies (or even free craft supplies!) Here are some “out of the box” suggestions.

1. Shop garage sales

So many people stock up on discount craft supplies and then they don’t use them. Maybe they decide crafting isn’t for them, or they just have their closets and store rooms full (like me) and need to clean house. At yard sales or garage sales, you can get discount craft supplies for next to nothing.

2. Shop after the holidays

If you like to make Christmas crafts, go shopping for Christmas craft supplies right after Christmas and you’ll find lots of clearance tables chock full of discount craft supplies. The same goes for any holiday. After Halloween, Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentines, you will always find great clearance sales and tons of discount craft supplies.

3. Shop at the end of a season

If you like to use clothing items for your craft projects, shop at the end of a season. For instance, I often make Christmas sweatshirts for Christmas gifts. Sweatshirts are a lot less expensive at the end of winter than they are at any other time. So, shopping at the end of a season is a great option for getting discount craft supplies that are seasonal in nature.

4. Shop online

Personally I love to browse through craft stores and handle everything I see. But, I have found that shopping online is an excellent way to find discount craft supplies.

Some of the online craft suppliers even have grab bags that you buy for next to nothing that are filled with a variety of goodies — usually discontinued items, scrap materials (like the end of a ream of material), yarn with mismatched dye lots, things that the packaging has gotten messed up on that they can’t sell for regular retail prices.

Fun Fact: Stores like Big Lots and other liquidation stores usually have loads of discount craft supplies.

5. Buy in bulk

Wholesale stores will usually sell discount craft supplies to retail customers if you buy in bulk. While you may not be able to use a whole case of something yourself, you can network with others through a craft club and order discount craft supplies in bulk to save money.

Always check out the clearance racks and sales tables when you are shopping in any store that sales craft supplies. You can buy discount craft supplies year round and lesson the expense of your Christmas craft projects.