Christmas Arts and Crafts for Family Fun and Learning

Christmas arts and crafts for families to make together

There are a variety of arts and crafts that families can make together. Having a family arts and crafts day around the holidays is a wonderful way to build lasting memories that will be central to holiday stories for years to come.

Krafty Kris’s favorite Christmas arts and crafts projects for families…

Doing arts and crafts together is fabulous fun and builds family bonds like you wouldn’t believe. There are lots of family activities that are not real well-suited for kids of all ages and often either the youngest or the oldest may feel left out if the project is too difficult for them, or if it is too childish to be interesting to older kids.

With Christmas arts and crafts projects; however, you can make sure that every member of the family can make significant contributions to the project at hand.

My favorite Christmas arts and crafts projects for families are making gingerbread houses and gingerbread men. You can use the house and some of the men to decorate, and of course, you can eat some of the masterpieces as well.


Kids of all ages will engage in the fun of making gingerbread arts and crafts projects. And with the need to assemble a house, even Dad will get in on the excitement of the holiday arts and crafts.

To make it more than a one-day project, you can have the kids sketch and color their ideas for decorating the gingerbread the house, go shopping as a family for arts and crafts supplies and candies for decorating the masterpiece, spend one day baking the gingerbread men and house pieces, spend another decorating the cookies and assembling the house, and one day adding the final touches to the family’s gingerbread house. You can even turn it into an educational venture for older children enabling them to search the internet for patterns and recipes for gingerbread houses.

Fun Fact: Ginger roots were originally grown in tropical areas of Asia.

Another educational activity would be to explore the history of gingerbread and to find out all about ginger and where it comes from. You might read stories that feature gingerbread houses, like Hansel and Gretel, or read books about the infamous Gingerbread Man.

Krafty Kris says the fun, memories and learning that can come from family arts and crafts projects is phenomenal!