Christmas Arts and Crafts in Less Than 15 Minutes

A little foam and a lot of Santa make these Christmas arts and crafts a blast

Purchase your pre-set Christmas arts and crafts supplies or make them yourself from scratch. Either way, you end up with a fabulous foam Santa ornament to hang from your tree, embellish your gift boxes, or dangle from your mantle. He stands about 3-4 inches in diameter, and perfect for any nook or cranny in dire need of some spicy holiday cheer.

Foam Santa ornaments

Everyone will enjoy these arts and crafts for Christmas. To keep it super simple, check out Creatology’s Santa Foam Sticker Kit. Each piece of Santa’s body is pre cut and comes with adhesive backing for peel-and-stick ease. For those that are a bit more adventuresome, follow these simple instructions to build your individual, foam Santa ornament.

Items you will need:

— 1 sheet of red foam paper

— 1 sheet of white foam paper

— 1 sheet of black foam paper

— 1 sheet of cream foam paper

— Permanent black marker

— Permanent yellow marker or gold glitter pen

— Scissors

— Glue


How to build your Santa

1. Cut a circle, 3 inches in diameter from your red foam paper. Use a cookie cutter, a soup can, or a drinking glass as a template, if needed. This is your Santa’s body.

2. Cut a small oval, about 1 inch in length from the cream foam paper. Trace your thumb and complete the oval by imagining the curve. This is your Santa’s face.

3. Use your black marker to draw eyes, nose, and a mouth on your Santa’s face.

4. From the black foam paper, cut a strip 3 inches in length and a quarter of an inch in width. This is Santa’s belt.

5. Trace a small square, about a half inch in width, on your white paper. Cut out the square to use as a belt buckle. Use your marker or gold glitter paint to shape a square around the perimeter, leaving a square hole in the center. Fill in the hole with black marker to match the belt.

6. Cut a triangle, with the base about 1 inch wide, from your red foam for Santa’s hat.

7. From your white foam, cut a small puff for the end of Santa’s hat. Also cut his beard and hat trim from the white foam.

8. Now it’s time to assemble. Place the face at the top of your circle and glue down. Trim in beard, hat and hat trim.

9. Finish Santa by gluing his belt and belt buckle towards the bottom third of his round body.

The great thing about building your own Santa is that you can alter his size to make him as big or as small as you’d like. Use household items to trace for shapes. Get creative!
If you like glitter (and what kid doesn’t), embellish with glitter. To minimize cutting, substitute your hat puff for a small, white pom pom. So much can be done to individualize your Santa.

These Santas are the next best thing in free Christmas arts and crafts ideas. For a few dollars you can make a half dozen of these Santas from 1 sheet of red foam. Enjoy these Christmas arts and crafts — and many more to come!