Christmas Craft Ideas for Making Small Display Trees

Christmas craft ideas for adorning papier-mache trees

These Christmas craft ideas start with humble supplies and create a great end product. This project requires few supplies, but with some time and patience, can create a great display tree.

Creating Christmas Display Trees

My main supply for this project is twine – the cheap kind that comes from the hardware store on a huge spindle. I added a special twist by using a Christmas twine-like ribbon that I found at the local crafts store. Even though it was on sale, covering the whole tree with it would have been pricey, so this tree combines the two. This idea would also work with pretty Christmas ribbon as well.


— Conical shaped papier-mâché tree form (I used a 13.75 inch by 5 inch size)

— Natural twine

— Decorative twine in Christmas colors (2 small rolls, 3 yards each)

— Craft glue

— Scrapbooking brads, stickers or embellishments

— Clothespins or binder clips

— Pins

12-03-10 008.jpg


1. Begin at the base of the form and apply a slim rim of glue around the entire base.

2. Start wrapping the decorative twine around, holding your starting point firmly in place. Place a clothes pin or binder clip at the base to hold the end in place until the glues sets.

3. Continue to add smaller lines of glue as you wind the twine around the form.

4. I used one small roll of the decorative twine around the base of the form. This covered about an inch of the base. Once the decorative twine runs out, begin the natural twine.

5. Once you reach the upper part of the tree, again begin with the decorative twine and continue to wrap it around the form until it is covered.

6. Add your decorative brads or embellishments to the form. You can secure these with pins temporarily until the glue sets. Add small decorative twine bows.

There are so many great ways to decorate papier-mâché tree forms – from glitter to cranberries. Be sure to stay crafty and check out some other Christmas craft ideas using tree forms.

The end product is great piece to add to your mantle or table. Several of these trees would look great bunched together as well. Once the twine is wrapped around the tree form, you can change the look of the tree by swapping out the embellishments with whatever you choose. This tree will last for years to come using these simple craft ideas.