Christmas Craft Projects for Teachers and Others

Simple and inexpensive craft projects kids can make for their teachers

Craft projects that kids can make for the teachers can be a lot of fun. Kids simply love craft projects and they will delighted to see the smile on their teacher’s face when she opens a hand-made gift from one of her students. Christmas craft projects don’t have to be expensive to make fabulous gifts.

Krafty Kris tells us about inexpensive Christmas craft projects for kids to make…

Wooden blocks are among the least expensive, easiest and most desirable Christmas craft projects for creating hand-made gifts. The photo of the wooden block Christmas craft project is one that was made for a teacher as a gift.

It is simply a scrap piece of 2×4 lumber cut into a 4×4 block.

If you choose not to have the natural wood look, you can paint the block prior to decorating it. To make it shiny, you can spray it with a clear coat after the decorations are painted on.


The displayed block was left unpainted. Using stencils, craft paint and a small paintbrush, the block was decorated adding the apples, the pencil, the crayon and the lettering that says “World’s Greatest Teacher”.

To dress it up even more and to add some functionality, a real pencil was attached to the side using Velcro and ceramic crayons were glued on top. On the side, a small wooden “hall pass” hangs from a wood nail.

The teacher who received this Christmas craft project as a gift from a student proudly displays it in her classroom.

Fun Fact: Using a 2×4 piece of lumber that is 8 feet in length, you can make 24 4×4 blocks that are two inches thick. Thus, one standard 2×4 provides the supplies for making 24 unique hand-made Christmas gifts.

More ideas for Christmas craft projects using wooden blocks

Using wooden blocks you can make a variety of different Christmas gifts including welcome signs, paper weights, and such. You can even attach a wooden clothespin on the front with a wall hanger or magnet on the back and it can serve as a recipe holder in the kitchen or as a note holder in an office.

Wooden blocks are easy, fun-to-make Christmas craft projects that make wonderful gifts.