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Easy Christmas Crafts to Make This Holiday Season

Get in the holiday spirit with easy Christmas crafts

There are tons of easy Christmas crafts that look, if not professional, at least pretty impressive. If you’re a busy person with a family and a job — and most of us are these days — you probably don’t have hours to sit around baking and crafting for the holiday season. But you still want to have that memory-making pleasure of creating something and enjoying the holidays.

Fortunately, not all easy Christmas crafts involve simple popscicle sticks and glitter (although on a side note, you’d be amazed what you can make from the simplest materials). You can make something fun and exciting that doesn’t take longer than half an hour while you listen to your favorite Christmas carols. And if you decide to make these holiday soaps I’m about to tell you about, you’ll have the perfect easy Christmas craft to use as gifts, decorations, and so much more.

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Use this Christmas Craft for Decorating a Holiday Tabletop

Simple Christmas craft idea using items from the drugstore

Here’s a simple but impressive Christmas craft idea you can use for a holiday tabletop. I know sometimes it is hard to have fresh flowers or arrangements in the house, but using different holiday candies allows for the visual impact without the maintenance. This is a great and festive idea for any table or shelf. All it takes is a trip to the drugstore or dollar store.

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Wanting Fun and Fresh Christmas Projects for the Whole Family? Look No Further

These Christmas projects are simple, yet stunning additions to any Christmas table

What could bring both the family and table decor together like fun Christmas projects? One of my favorite things about the holidays is the number of uses for cranberries. From floating cranberries in a floral arrangement to cranberries piled high around your votives, they make a fresh and colorful addition to the Christmas decor.

However, these cranberry decorations can’t compare to the homemade cranberry balls used to embellish your table decor.

Although a bit time consuming, these Christmas craft projects are absolutely worth the effort. This is a craft project that you can do with minimal attention. Turn on a festive movie, pour yourself a warm cup of cocoa, and spend an hour or so creating these fabulous balls. Let the kids place toothpicks in the cranberries while you arrange them in the ball. You’ll have so much help and so much fun with your kids, that you won’t notice how the time is flying!

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Elegant and Easy To Make Christmas Craft Decorations for Your Home

These sparkly trees turn Christmas craft decorations into a project anyone will enjoy

Christmas craft decorations should be fun for everyone. With these sparkly trees, all hands are on deck to build your next family favorite. The use of crafts for Christmas decorations is a way to bring your kids together during those hectic weeks of school, activities, and work. Let this Christmas craft decoration do just that for you.

Clear off an open area of floor, table, or patio pavement and round up the kids for a fun time with beads, glue, and ribbon.

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Here’s How to Wow Your Holiday Guests with Beautiful Christmas Crafts

Jingle bell snowflake Christmas crafts look professionally made without the price tag

Combine the sound of jingle bells and the season’s first snow into Christmas crafts that will hang beautifully from your tree, your staircase, or any place in your home that beckons a festive touch. These Christmas craft projects are great for adults looking to host craft parties with friends. A few supplies go a long way in this simple, fun, and impressive Christmas craft!

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If You Are Looking for Fun Christmas Crafts for Your Family — Look No Further

Try this 7-step guide to fun Christmas crafts to brighten up your house for the holidays!

If a memorable, creative time is what you are looking for this holiday season, then these fun Christmas crafts are for you! These clay pot figures are fun for people of all ages, you decide how simple or complex you’d like your decorations to be. Make some hot cocoa, pop in the Christmas tunes and clear off the kitchen table so you can begin your family fun Christmas crafts

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A Crafty Christmas Present for Friends and Family

Whether you’re looking for a crafty Christmas present for the kid next door or your accountant, a mousy mouse pad is always appropriate.

If you’re looking for a crafty Christmas present that serves a purpose instead of just looking pretty, this mouse pad is perfect for you. We live in an increasingly computerized world, and there are few jobs that don’t require some sort of computer use — not to mention the fact that most people these days have personal computers. A mouse pad is useful, fun, and can be a product of your crafty creativity.

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A Key Holder is a Simple and Fun Christmas Gift to Make!

These professional looking key holders are perfect Christmas gifts to make for the entire family.

Looking for some Christmas gifts to make for your friends? What’s that? You also want them to be easy, inexpensive, and serve an actual purpose rather than collecting dust in a friend’s closet? No problem! Everyone can use a cute key holder to hang on their wall, and you can custom design these to your friends’ tastes, color code them to their homes, add witty sayings with meaning for only you two — the sky’s the limit.

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Creative and Original Christmas Photos

Short on Christmas photos? Try creating your own

Are you looking for something different to do with this year’s Christmas photos? Tired of dressing your family in matching clothes and dragging them to a photographer’s studio two months before Christmas?

Well, with all the great photo editing software out there, those exhausting visits can become a distant memory. You don’t need a lot of equipment or experience. You can alter your photos in a program as simple as Microsoft Paint or as sophisticated as Photoshop. Whether you want beautifully crafted Christmas cards, something informal, or even something humorous any one of your own personal photos is a great starting point.

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Creating Gourmet Chocolate Covered Spoons

Taking chocolate covered spoons beyond the ordinary

We’ve all seen chocolate covered spoons at Christmas; indeed, they’ve become something of a holiday staple. And why not? Dip a plastic spoon in chocolate and a basic cup of coffee becomes festive and special. They’re quick, cheap, and easy to make — where can you go wrong?

But chocolate covered spoons have much more potential than just being interesting accessories at Christmas parties. In fact, with only a tiny bit of effort, you can create beautiful gourmet chocolate covered spoons that are sure to be the highlight of any beverage-themed gift.

The basics, of course, remain the same: melt the chocolate, dip the spoon, and let it dry on wax paper. It’s the details that take your chocolate covered spoon from ordinary to extraordinary, and here are some details that will have your guests gasping in awe!

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