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Glittery Christmas Stars Make Perfectly Easy Crafts

These Fun Stars are Just the Beginning of Some Great and Easy Crafts to Start off the Christmas Decorating Season!

Sometimes you just find the perfect easy crafts to do with your kids, and these glittery stars are just that. They’re fast, easy crafts, perfect for when you have half an hour to use up at the end of an evening or you just feel like getting in the Christmas spirit. They do require a bit of drying time, so don’t expect to hang them right away, but the process itself is quick, easy, and doesn’t involve a lot of clean-up.

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Planning Your Christmas Crafts for This Year

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas crafts.

In the crafting world, Christmas comes early, and Christmas crafts even earlier. While everyone else is thinking about Halloween, you’re already moving a few months ahead. And well you should. Let’s face it: crafting takes time, and if you want all those fantastic crafts ready for Christmas (as opposed to next Halloween), you have to start early.

There are an overwhelming number and variety of Christmas crafts available, so not only should you start crafting early, you should start planning early. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of this Christmas craft season!

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Christmas-y Door Hangers are The Perfect Kids Christmas Craft!

Door Hangers Make a Great Kids Christmas Craft

It’s the holidays, and you need a kids Christmas craft to keep the kids from driving you crazy! It has to be fun, inexpensive, and good for all ages — a Christmas craft to divert them for a while without breaking the bank or involving you in an all-day project.

Well, search no further: a fun foam door hanger is the perfect Christmas craft to keep them busy. Start them off making hangers for their own bedrooms, but let them branch out. Who knows? Maybe Santa needs a Christmas welcome on the front door, or the bathroom entrance isn’t looking too Christmas-y. Let imaginations go wild!

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Make Christian Christmas Crafts to Keep Christ in Mind!

Remind kids of the reason for the season with these Christian Christmas crafts!

A combination of fun foam and imagination make this Christian Christmas craft a huge hit with kids and adults alike! Make a whole series of Christian Christmas crafts to hang on the tree to keep Jesus firmly in mind throughout the season, or just make a few for the kids to hang in their rooms. Either way, these Christian Christmas crafts are inexpensive, thought-provoking, and surprisingly easy to make!

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Create a Custom Stocking with These Christmas Sewing Crafts for Kids

Use Felt to Make Personalized Christmas Sewing Crafts for Kids

These Christmas sewing crafts for kids are a great way to introduce your child to sewing. Children love to make things, and felt crafts are always great ways to get creative without spending a fortune! Felt is dirt cheap, so if felt crafts are ruined you can always run out and buy another piece — a great thing if you’re going to have kids chopping and sewing (yes, sewing). These felt crafts will keep kids busy for hours, and they’ll have beautiful stockings they can treasure for years!

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Christmas Crafts: The Perfect Homemade Gift!

When you’re stuck for that personal touch, turn to Christmas crafts for the answer!

Christmas crafts are fun, readily available, and turn out remarkable results. Some people don’t associate Christmas crafts with gift giving, but that’s because they aren’t using their imaginations! Here are three spectacular Christmas crafts that will make perfect gifts!

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Christmas Crafts to Make: Reindeer in a Snow-Covered Field

Reindeer prancing through a snow-covered field are great Christmas crafts to make with the entire family!

We’ve all tried those pipe-cleaner/ googly-eyed reindeer you hang on the tree in our search for Christmas crafts to make as a family. They’re an old standby because they’re easy, inexpensive, and – best of all – you can eat them later. They’re great for young kids, but if you want Christmas crafts to make with the whole family, you’re going to have to take them a step further. These fields are great Christmas crafts to make because they involve the entire family, but they’re not too tricky for you to do on your own if it’s just you and Junior!

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Free Christmas Patterns Make Sweet Treat Boxes!

Use these free Christmas patterns to make a gift box for the special little people in your life — or for them to give to others!

When you have free Christmas patterns to work with, Christmas crafts don’t have to be complicated or difficult. These free Christmas patterns will give you everything you need to make a quick, easy gift for your children or students. They also make great party favors for a children’s Christmas party. Pick up a bag of candy at a discount store and use these free Christmas patterns to make inexpensive, cute gifts!

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Try This Napkin Holder Christmas Centerpiece Idea!

You can make this easy Christmas centerpiece idea out of pony beads, straws, and a little creativity.

Napkin holders are one of the easiest, most attractive Christmas centerpiece ideas to make. This cute napkin holder whips up quickly and looks like it took a lot longer than it did. It’s great for older kids and adults (younger children will likely find it a bit frustrating). You can make a handful as gifts, put them on your living room tables, or just use them as Christmas centerpiece ideas!

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Paper Towel Tube Napkin Holders

Christmas Crafts Don’t Need to Be Expensive to Look Great!

Of all the inexpensive Christmas crafts out there, this one just might be the easiest, and it lends a festive flare to any table. Of course, everyone wants inexpensive Christmas crafts to complete with the kids, and this one fits the bill. But you might be surprised at just how well they turn out and decide to decorate some fancier ones of your own!

The key to these inexpensive Christmas crafts is a simple paper towel tube. Cut it into pieces and you get napkin rings. But to keep them from looking like, well, paper towel tubes, we’re going to pretty them up a bit!

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