Christmas Crafts for the Home

Christmas crafts decorate your home all season long

I love making Christmas crafts, especially ones that provide me with something I want to preserve and make more of! I was able to transform a simple 18-inch tall plain fake Christmas tree into a beautiful dried floral Christmas tree craft to display in my front entryway.

Beautiful dried floral trees

When I picked up the Christmas tree at the craft store, it was all crumpled and smashed together. I wanted to create something different, but also could use craft supplies I already had around the house. I had some dried flowers from summer bouquets left over, and those became my inspiration for this tree. I enjoy all types of Christmas decorations and crafts, from country-inspired to all out glitter. This little tree is a great addition!


— 18-inch fake Christmas tree

— Glue gun

— Several glue sticks

— Dried florals (I used statice, coxcomb and bouquet roses)

— Cinnamon sticks, small pinecones and gumballs from a sweet gum tree

— Dried berries

12-03-10 005.jpg


1. Begin by un-crumpling the tree. Make sure the branches are straight and fluffed.

2. Cut the stems off of your dried florals to about an inch or two in length.

3. Begin with your largest flower and add hot glue to the stem. Stick the flowers evenly around the tree – it will be sparse at first.

4. Add your smaller florals and berries next – in bunches if necessary (I did this with the statice and berries).

5. Fill in empty spots with remaining supplies – cinnamon sticks, pinecones, etc.

6. Step back and view the tree to see if there are any bare spots that remain. Add additional florals as needed.

I know it can be frustrating to see a picture of something and not be able to find the same exact supplies. For this tree, you do not need them – you can improvise. If you can’t find all the dried florals and berries you like, look at the faux floral picks and cut them apart. You can also use dried grains and grasses for this craft. Add bows or a thin ribbon as garland. This is one of those Christmas crafts that you can enjoy year after year.