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Christmas Craft Ideas for Making Small Display Trees

Christmas craft ideas for adorning papier-mache trees

These Christmas craft ideas start with humble supplies and create a great end product. This project requires few supplies, but with some time and patience, can create a great display tree.

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Use these Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to Decorate Your Home

Festive and Colorful Paper Flags Make For Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

I am always looking for new and creative easy Christmas crafts for kids to make each year. And this year, I’ll be adorning my windows with festive paper flags. There are so many creative ways you can transform these simple flags into something special. The basic supplies are things you most likely already have on hand, and embellish them with any other supplies you choose.

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Christmas Projects You Can Use for Gift Giving and Decorating

Handmade potpourri makes for easy Christmas projects that look and smell great

The stores are already filling for Christmas, and I am ready to get going on some great Christmas projects. Now is the perfect time to get started. While on one of your nature walks, gather some key ingredients and make this easy potpourri.

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7 Uses to Turn Cranberries into Easy Christmas Crafts

You love the look, now turn those gorgeous cranberries into easy Christmas crafts

Cranberries aren’t just for eating anymore. Try these 7 different uses to turn bags of fresh cranberries into easy Christmas crafts. They’re colorful, fresh, and inexpensive to purchase. Don’t settle for pre-made decorations when you can make your own. Here are a few ideas to spice up your home with cranberries this Christmas.

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Easy and Fabulous Christmas Decorations

Why buy Christmas decorations that are upward of $200 when you can make them for less than $20?

Visit dozens of stores online and in your area, and you will find hundreds of different wreaths. One of my favorite of these Christmas decorations is the square moss wreath that I found at a department store online. I was not about to spend the $200 they were asking, so I studied the concept, and am currently in the process of finishing my own moss wreath.

I couldn’t wait to share these Christmas decoration ideas, so I am thrilled to share my secrets with you in this step-by-step process. Before you get started, be sure to decide if you would like to have a live or artificial wreath. I chose artificial moss so as not to have to repeat this process each year…and believe me, you’ll love this craft so much you’ll want to display this wreath each year.

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Wanting Fun and Fresh Christmas Projects for the Whole Family? Look No Further

These Christmas projects are simple, yet stunning additions to any Christmas table

What could bring both the family and table decor together like fun Christmas projects? One of my favorite things about the holidays is the number of uses for cranberries. From floating cranberries in a floral arrangement to cranberries piled high around your votives, they make a fresh and colorful addition to the Christmas decor.

However, these cranberry decorations can’t compare to the homemade cranberry balls used to embellish your table decor.

Although a bit time consuming, these Christmas craft projects are absolutely worth the effort. This is a craft project that you can do with minimal attention. Turn on a festive movie, pour yourself a warm cup of cocoa, and spend an hour or so creating these fabulous balls. Let the kids place toothpicks in the cranberries while you arrange them in the ball. You’ll have so much help and so much fun with your kids, that you won’t notice how the time is flying!

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Christmas Projects That Add Sparkle and Shine to Your Home

Mini sparkle trees Christmas projects are a hit this season

I’ve tried these Christmas projects before, but they were not as big a success as they were this time. These mini sparkle trees are easier and more shimmery than before. I started down this path to find a better method to one of my previous crafts. This time, I stuck with a theme — the color purple. All of my recent Christmas craft projects for the home have been purple and silver. Together, they look fabulous!

Prepare these Christmas crafts projects and check out the crafts in the week to come to find how I have paired this tree with another craft to create a fun and fresh centerpiece.

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Tired of Pulling Out the Same Old Christmas Decorations? Not This Year!

Make your own Christmas decorations to adorn your home

Don’t settle for cookie cutter Christmas decorations when you can make your own. Find your own craft pieces in the right color for your ensemble and create Christmas decorations to suit your style. I did just that. I saw a Christmas decoration similar to the one we are making today at a craft store. It was the wrong color and rather pricey. That was when I decided to use the idea to make my own.

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Make Christmas Crafts That Look and Smell Delicious

These are so simple, you will want to make Christmas crafts all season!

Make Christmas crafts that are simple, inexpensive, and festive for the holiday season. Turn boring, drab candles into delicious treats that look and smell fantastic. These cinnamon stick candles are quick and easy. The novice crafter will love creating these basic Christmas crafts.

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Make Christmas Crafts Out of Your Ribbon Scraps

Make Christmas crafts ribbon trees that you will love

Do you enjoy Christmas so much that you see Christmas crafts in every item around the house? I do! That’s why I came up with the idea of the ribbon Christmas tree. Make Christmas crafts from your excess holiday ribbon and a few other small craft items. Let this be one of many Christmas trees that you create during the next month!

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