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Enjoy Making These Simple Christmas Decorations with the Whole Family

These stackable snowmen Christmas decorations bring the whole family together for some crafting fun

You don’t have to buy Christmas decorations this year — make your own! These simple, fun, and adorable snowmen add pizazz to any seasonal decor. Make them simple or dress them up to your liking. Either way, these snowmen are simple enough for young children or complex enough to satisfy an adult.

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Christmas Crafts That Will Turn Your Average Walls Into Festive Canvasses

These gift paintings are simple — but look anything but average

Your parents have probably told you at some point in your life that Christmas is not about the gifts. For the sake of these Christmas crafts, gifts are everything! You’ll prove your parents wrong and brighten up any room in your house. Trust me!

These gifts are creative Christmas craft projects that are simple or as elaborate as you would like them. When painting your gifts, think of your favorite holiday colors, images, words, or gift wrap designs. The goal is to have fun while designing your own masterpieces.

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Easy Christmas Crafts That You’ll Love Decorating Your Home

These greenery balls make fun and easy Christmas crafts that you will want throughout your home

You’ve seen these greenery balls hanging in the store window of your favorite home store, but you don’t want to spend the small fortune to purchase them. You don’t need to this year since you can turn these greenery balls into easy Christmas crafts for your home. For less than $10 you can make your own greenery ball in any style, color, design of your choosing. If berries are your thing, stock up on holly berries for your balls. If you’re a silver and gold fiend, search your local craft store for silver leaves, poinsettias, balls, or any holiday embellishment.

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Elegant and Easy To Make Christmas Craft Decorations for Your Home

These sparkly trees turn Christmas craft decorations into a project anyone will enjoy

Christmas craft decorations should be fun for everyone. With these sparkly trees, all hands are on deck to build your next family favorite. The use of crafts for Christmas decorations is a way to bring your kids together during those hectic weeks of school, activities, and work. Let this Christmas craft decoration do just that for you.

Clear off an open area of floor, table, or patio pavement and round up the kids for a fun time with beads, glue, and ribbon.

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Here’s How to Wow Your Holiday Guests with Beautiful Christmas Crafts

Jingle bell snowflake Christmas crafts look professionally made without the price tag

Combine the sound of jingle bells and the season’s first snow into Christmas crafts that will hang beautifully from your tree, your staircase, or any place in your home that beckons a festive touch. These Christmas craft projects are great for adults looking to host craft parties with friends. A few supplies go a long way in this simple, fun, and impressive Christmas craft!

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If You Are Looking for Fun Christmas Crafts for Your Family — Look No Further

Try this 7-step guide to fun Christmas crafts to brighten up your house for the holidays!

If a memorable, creative time is what you are looking for this holiday season, then these fun Christmas crafts are for you! These clay pot figures are fun for people of all ages, you decide how simple or complex you’d like your decorations to be. Make some hot cocoa, pop in the Christmas tunes and clear off the kitchen table so you can begin your family fun Christmas crafts

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Making Christmas Centerpieces with Flair

It’s that time again — time to start making Christmas centerpieces for this year.

Whether you’re making Christmas centerpieces for your own family, a staff party, or a church banquet, here are three easy ideas you can’t do without!

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Make Your Own Christmas Tree Decorations With Baking Soda Clay!

Baking soda and cornstarch create the perfect clay for Christmas tree decorations!

It might sound a little strange, but you can make great Christmas tree decorations out of baking soda and cornstarch! Use this recipe to whip up a dough for all your Christmas tree decorations and crafts. It’s easy, quick, inexpensive, and great for crafters of all ages. The result is Christmas tree decorations with a shiny look to them: perfect for decorating or giving as gifts!

This dough is great for kids as it’s easy to handle, but make sure it’s cooled enough before you let them dig their little hands in there. Also, make sure you knead it to get a really good doughy consistency!

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Make a homey Christmas with these special Christmas tree decorations!

Combine toothpicks and old Christmas cards with a little patience to create homemade Christmas tree decorations!

These Christmas tree decorations require a steady hand and a bit of patience, but the end result is well worth the effort. And in spite of that, they really are quite simple. It’s just that little hands might need a bit of assistance to finish up!

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