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Enjoy Making Homemade Christmas Gifts for Pets This Year

You love your pets, and now you can shower them with love with one of these homemade Christmas gifts for pets

We know you love to make gifts; why not create one of these special homemade Christmas gifts for pets that your dog or cat will love?

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Give a Scratched CD New Life with This Christmas Angel CD Craft

Make an adorable Christmas angel CD craft out of an old CD

This Christmas angel CD craft is a wonderful use for scratched compact disks. If you have children in your home, I’m willing to bet you have scratched CDs! You could throw them away, or you could give them new life with this adorable christmas craft.

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Looking for a Fresh Take on Your Christmas Crafts to Sell? Look No Further

These Christmas crafts to sell are fun, custom, and perfect for any craft booth this year

In looking for easy Christmas crafts to decorate my home, I came across the idea to make my own mini trees. A friend saw my work and suggested I use these trees as Christmas crafts to sell to a local store that would market and sell them for me. I am not in the business to create that many trees this year, but maybe you are. These will be a huge hit at any craft fair or Christmas bazaar, so be sure to stock up and make as many as you can!

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Delicious Edible Homemade Christmas Gifts Make a Great Hostess Gift

Make your friends or yourself yummy edible homemade Christmas gifts this year!

There are many reasons people turn to homemade and edible Christmas gifts. They’re sick of the commercialization, they prefer personalizing the gifts they give, or they don’t trust the quality and standards of many things you get commercially. Well, these are all legitimate reasons, and if you’re in the mood for a homemade Christmas, you might want to keep food on your Christmas giving list.

Food is always a popular gift, but there are only so many boxes of chocolates and jars of muffin mix one person can use. That’s why I love to give these homemade Christmas oatmeal packets. They taste delicious, are practical, require very little effort or money, and — best of all — they put you in the driver’s seat as far as sugar and fat are concerned.

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A Crafty Christmas Present for Friends and Family

Whether you’re looking for a crafty Christmas present for the kid next door or your accountant, a mousy mouse pad is always appropriate.

If you’re looking for a crafty Christmas present that serves a purpose instead of just looking pretty, this mouse pad is perfect for you. We live in an increasingly computerized world, and there are few jobs that don’t require some sort of computer use — not to mention the fact that most people these days have personal computers. A mouse pad is useful, fun, and can be a product of your crafty creativity.

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Easy to Make Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Bookmarks are perfect and easy Christmas gifts to make for the bookworms on your list

Whether you want a quick project to do with your children or an attractive and simple gift to make for your closest friends, bookmarks do the trick.

These three book marks are easy to make and personalized to suit your own tastes.
Perfect for your book club friends or teachers who have taught your kids the joy of reading, these easy to make Christmas gifts are perfect for the grown up bookworms in your life.

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Beautiful Christmas Gifts to Make!

These stained glass works of art are perfect Christmas gifts to make for family and friends!

If you’re searching for Christmas gifts to make and don’t mind putting a little effort into the process, this stained glass artwork will knock your socks off! They’re relatively inexpensive Christmas gifts to make (especially if you do more than one at a time), but the result is stunning. This is a great project for older kids, although they might require a little supervision, and adult crafters.

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Recipe Magnets Make Cute and Personal Homemade Christmas Gifts!

Use shrink art and a little imagination to create these homemade Christmas gifts for the special people in your life.

Are you looking for homemade Christmas gifts that are a bit different? We all love receiving something personalized, but homemade Christmas gifts tend to fall into three categories: stuff you eat (chocolates and candies), stuff you’ll eventually eat (jars of muffin mix), and stuff you’ll never use. Why not combine shrink art and a little ingenuity to create homemade Christmas gifts that are practical, fun, and a blast to make?

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Ideas for Presenting Christmas Gifts

Create Inviting Christmas Gifts by Your Choice of Packaging

This Christmas you might want to consider alternative ways to wrap your Christmas gifts. Your friends and family are sure to love the creative and clever gift wrapping suggestions below. The way you present your Christmas gifts will make a big impression on your friends and family.

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A Shadow Box Makes a Unique Present For Christmas

Your Child’s Grandparents are Sure to Love a Shadow Box

If you’re tired of giving the same old Christmas presents year in and year out, try something different this year. A shadow box is a great Christmas craft project that can double as a Christmas present — allowing you to pass some holiday time in a fun and festive way while creating a wonderful Christmas gift at the same time. If you like the idea of crafting your very own shadow box, read on!

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