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Use These Christmas Ornaments Crafts to Decorate Your Tree This Season

Ideas for Christmas ornaments crafts using papier-mâché ornaments from the craft store

If you’re a crafter like me, you’re ready to get started on some Christmas ornaments crafts. For this idea, I bought some papier-mâché ornaments from the craft store – all of the other materials I already owned. Let your imagination run wild with this one – I thought of several ways to decorate these great inexpensive ornaments.

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Simple and Beautiful Christmas Ornaments to Make

Creative ideas for Christmas ornaments to make

It seems like every year I am looking for new Christmas ornaments to make. I don’t really want them to be too difficult, but I do want them to be beautiful. I was shopping recently at a local store and came across a package of unfinished chip art shapes. Chip art is similar to cardboard, but it comes in beautiful shapes.

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6 Steps to Original Christmas Ornament Crafts

Christmas ornament crafts that will light up your tree

Stop throwing away your old light bulbs. Use them for Christmas ornament crafts instead. Start with this light bulb Santa.

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Handmade Christmas Ornaments Will Nicely Adorn Your Tree

Snowman Handmade Christmas ornaments in less than 10 minutes

Enjoy making a set of handmade Christmas ornaments for your tree this year. These snowmen, handmade Christmas ornaments simply make you happy, so much that you’ll not only make an individual ornament, but create an entire set. Simple and easy enough for kids to make, and fun enough to entertain adults.

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Jingle Your Way Through the Holidays with These Christmas Ornaments Crafts

Snowmen are all the rage this holiday season with adorable Christmas ornaments crafts

Christmas ornaments crafts are among my favorite crafts since they are great gifts, gift tag embellishments or just for my tree. This jingle bell snowman idea is a wonderful kids Christmas ornaments craft. Just follow the 7 easy steps to have your own collection of snowmen ornaments for your tree this year.

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These Unique Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Kids Add a Custom Touch to Your Christmas Tree

Turn Christmas ornaments crafts for kids into your favorite tree accessories

At one time in your life a teacher probably told you, “think outside the box.” With these Christmas ornaments crafts for kids, it’s more fun and original to think inside the box! You can paint the outside of these ornaments, or use these Christmas ornament craft ideas and have a one-of-a-kind ornament hanging from your tree.

Use these simple-step directions for fun kids Christmas ornament crafts that will allow you and your kids the creativity you crave!

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Snow Globe Christmas Ornament Ideas

Homemade snow globes make perfect Christmas ornament ideas

If you’re looking for Christmas ornament ideas, look no further than a classic. Snow globes — those cute little scenes you can shake up to make it snow — are easy to make and lots of fun, too! Whether looking for a project of your own or something easy to do with the kids, you’re sure to have fun with these.

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Easy Christmas Tree Crafts Can Be Customized to Your Own Theme

Add some flair to your holidays with these easy Christmas tree craft decorations

Whether a college student with a first tree or an empty-nester who can finally get rid of all the homemade Christmas tree decorations dripping from the branches, you’re on the hunt for easy Christmas tree crafts. Something fun, but still Christmasy — maybe a little special and exotic.

So you head out to the specialty stores and discover Christmas tree decorations for up to twenty bucks each. What are these people thinking in our cost conscious economy? You can make your own stunning and dazzling ornaments for a fraction of that price!

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Beeswax Makes Easy Christmas Ornaments that Smell Sweet, Too!

A Few Sheets of Beeswax are all you Need for These Cute and Easy Christmas Ornaments

If you want to turn out a lot of crafts, easy Christmas ornaments are a must. Anything expensive or complicated is going to have you thinking “why bother?” These beeswax ornaments are the perfect solution. They are cute, simple, inexpensive, and to top it all off, they smell fantastic. Better yet, you have two options. You can decorate your Christmas tree with beeswax gingerbread or make fantastic themed candles for gifts.

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Great Christmas Ornament Ideas: Homemade Window Clings!

If you’re on the hunt for Christmas ornament ideas, these window clings are the perfect crafty solution!

We’ve all seen those window clings in our search for Christmas ornament ideas, but they’re overpriced and often kind of — how should I put this? — ugly. Crafters on the search for Christmas ornament ideas can bypass that whole problem, though, and make their own beautiful window clings out of saran wrap!

This project uses colored PVC glue (which is basically white glue). You should be able to find this in the arts and crafts section, but if you can’t, you can make your own. Mix a small amount of brightly colored acrylic or poster paint with a fairly large amount of white glue. Use it quickly, before it has a chance to dry!

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