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Pretzels and Ribbon Become Perfect Christmas Ornament Crafts!

Make quick and easy Christmas ornament crafts for all your friends and family!

Wreaths are classic Christmas ornaments, and these pretzel wreaths are unique, cute Christmas ornament crafts: a new spin on an old classic! They’re quick and easy to make, but they do require a bit of precision, so they’re not the best Christmas ornament crafts for young children. Have fun and get creative with these! You can use your imagination and branch out beyond the original Christmas ornament crafts to try all kinds of new things.

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These Easy Crafts Make Beautiful Christmas Ornaments!

These are quick, easy crafts that children of any age will enjoy putting together!

Often easy crafts wind up looking like precisely that! But these Christmas ornaments are quick, easy crafts that actually make attractive and interesting ornaments. Younger children will enjoy making them, and older children will be able to turn out a whole bunch of these easy crafts in an afternoon — probably enough to decorate a tree of their own! If you don’t happen to have an extra tree kicking around, consider stringing a piece of yarn across the ceiling and hanging the ornaments from that. You’ll be surprised how nice they look!

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Popcorn Garlands: Perfect Christmas Projects for the Entire Family!

Have an old-fashioned Christmas with these nostalgic Christmas projects.

Nothing conjures up the image of Christmas gone by than strings of popcorn adorning a tree. These Christmas projects are easy and fun for the entire family. They do take a while to make, but that’s okay: Christmas projects are called projects for a reason! You can leave them out for everyone to work at when they have a moment, or stick them together while you watch TV. And when you’re finished, you can hang your Christmas projects from the tree so everyone can admire their hard work!

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Create One-of-a-Kind Christmas Tree Decorations

The Best Christmas Tree Decorations Aren’t Sold In A Store

Christmas craft projects are definitely the fun way to spend a few hours during the holiday season, and Christmas tree decorations make the best Christmas crafts. Not only does creating Christmas tree decorations get you in the spirit for Christmas, it also ensures that the decorations on your Christmas tree are one-of-a-kind Christmas tree decorations unique to your and your family.

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Combine the Beauty of Nature and Christmas

Enjoy a Christmas Craft with Pinecones

Christmas is a wonderful and magical season, isn’t it? Spending time on a Christmas craft is a great way to enjoy the beauty of Christmas, but why not enjoy the beauty of nature too? The following Christmas craft allows you to enjoy all that the winter season has to offer.

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A Cute Christmas Craft Idea For All Ballet Fans

Decorate Your Tree with This Christmas Craft

If you know any ballet fans, this Christmas craft will be super fun and a perfect fit. It can be fun to decorate your Christmas tree with homemade decorations. If you want your tree to have a theme such as ballet, store-bought decorations can get quite expensive. Clothespins are a staple for craft fanatics, and you can fashion just about anything from clothespins including reindeers and even ballerinas! This easy Christmas craft can provide an afternoon of fun and also result in a beautifully-decorated Christmas tree.

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Super Easy Christmas Ornament Craft

Plastic canvas is great for a Christmas ornament craft

Christmas ornament craft projects are always fun to do during the holidays. A Christmas ornament craft can be used to decorate a Christmas tree, or to decorate a Christmas gift. A Christmas ornament craft is also a great gift for a coworker or a casual acquaintance.

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Cookie Cutter Christmas Ornament Ideas

Simply adorable Christmas ornament ideas

Christmas ornament ideas for kids are always so much fun! What is really neat is, if you introduce a basic concept, the kiddos will come up with their own original Christmas ornament ideas.

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Communion Cup Christmas Ornaments

Cute, colorful Christmas ornaments for your tree

Christmas ornaments made from communion cups are incredibly cute. These Christmas ornaments are colorful and just plain cute. They are also inexpensive Christmas ornaments anyone can make!

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Snowflake Ornaments and Throw Pillows for Christmas Decorating

All kids love to make unique snowflake ornaments

Snowflake ornaments are a favorite among children. There are many ways to make snowflake ornaments so anyone can do it. Snowflake ornaments can be fancy or childlike and they are adorable just the same.

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