Christmas Projects That Add Sparkle and Shine to Your Home

Mini sparkle trees Christmas projects are a hit this season

I’ve tried these Christmas projects before, but they were not as big a success as they were this time. These mini sparkle trees are easier and more shimmery than before. I started down this path to find a better method to one of my previous crafts. This time, I stuck with a theme — the color purple. All of my recent Christmas craft projects for the home have been purple and silver. Together, they look fabulous!

Prepare these Christmas crafts projects and check out the crafts in the week to come to find how I have paired this tree with another craft to create a fun and fresh centerpiece.

Mini purple sparkle trees

If you have the patience and time, you can make these in a multitude of sizes and colors. If you can make a few, you can arrange them in a messy line through the center of the table. They will be sparkly, a good height, and festive. Let everyone admire them and then surprise them all when they find out you made them on your own.


— Poster board

— Adhesive craft spray

— Small beads – colored or clear

— Sequins or other plastic confetti

— 1 strand of round, silver beads

— Scissors

— Craft glue (regular white glue)



1. Cut your poster board into a cone. Cut it so that it has a flat bottom in order to stand up on its own. Using your white craft glue, attach the two ends of your cone.

2. On a covered surface (that is well-ventilated), spread your sequins or plastic confetti in a thin layer so that they roll on evenly. Spray the outside of your cone with the adhesive spray. Roll through the sequins first until you have the desired amount on your cone.

3. Spread the small beads evenly over the surface that you used for the sequins. Roll the still-sticky cone through the beads until the entire surface is covered and you can not see the poster board.

Note: The adhesive spray is extremely sticky. Any surface not covered by beads will remain sticky until covered.

4. As the final touch, place a line of craft glue along the base of your tree and place the strand of silver beads around the perimeter.

I have made a few of these simple Christmas projects to line up as table decor, and to pair with other crafts as centerpieces and entryway decor.