Christmas Projects You Can Use for Gift Giving and Decorating

Handmade potpourri makes for easy Christmas projects that look and smell great

The stores are already filling for Christmas, and I am ready to get going on some great Christmas projects. Now is the perfect time to get started. While on one of your nature walks, gather some key ingredients and make this easy potpourri.

Make a lasting gift

I love the smell of cinnamon and spices during the holiday season and I also love to have hostess gifts on hand to give when we go to a holiday get together. I have used this potpourri “recipe” for years throughout the holiday season and the main ingredients keep very well – the fillers can be freshened up whenever you want to change the look or scent.


— Pinecones

— Dried basil leaves

— Cinnamon sticks

— Whole star anise

— Dried berries (I used pepper berries)

— Whole cloves

— Dried flowers, citrus fruits, apple slices, rosehips, pomegranates, etc.

— Cinnamon essential oil (found at natural food stores)



1. Start with a base of simple pinecones -any size and shape that you find works. I found some cute small round ones in my front yard.

2. Add whatever ingredients you like. I’ve listed quite a few above, but if you don’t like the smell of anise, don’t add it. Or if you can’t find basil leaves, just skip it. The great thing about this potpourri is that you can personalize to look and smell however you would like.

3. If adding dried flowers, snip off the ends and break into small pieces. I’ve used cockscomb and statice for my example. Need to know how to dry orange and apple slices? Here’s the perfect example for this Christmas craft project.

4. Put all the ingredients into a large plastic Ziploc bag. Add a few drops of the essential oil and shake.

It’s that simple! There are so many ways to use potpourri this season. Put a generous amount in pretty cellophane bags and add a beautiful ribbon to give as hostess gifts. If keeping some for yourself, line your bowls with fresh cut greens and add the potpourri on top to make a beautiful display.

To keep this whole house smelling wonderful this season, add the potpourri to bowls around your house, and add a candle for an extra glow. I hope you enjoy making this potpourri for one of your Christmas projects this season.