Christmas Stationery: The Personal Touch!

Hand-made Christmas Stationery adds the perfect finish to Christmas cards and letters.

Christmas stationery comes in handy for those times you just don’t have time to write a long personal message to everyone on your Christmas card list, even if you hate the idea of sending form letters. It’s a quick activity that gives your letters a personal touch. Christmas stationery is also a fun craft for kids, who can use it to write their own letters or just make it on your behalf!


* White letter paper (or you can use a Christmas-y color, but the ink might not show up as well)
* Old film canisters
* Fun foam
* Scissors
* Markers or stamp pads in Christmas colors
* Hot glue

Making Stamps

In order to make a nice sized stack of Christmas stationery quickly, you’ll want to use stamps: they give you a quick, easy way to repeat a pattern or motif. Of course, you can buy Christmas stamps at any craft store, but they cost a ridiculous amount of money, and stamps are quick, easy, and fun to make! If you have kids helping with your Christmas stationery, they will require supervision, especially when using the hot glue.

To begin with, choose some themes for your Christmas stationery. Try to keep them simple because you’ll be cutting the shapes out of fun foam! Wreaths, trees, holly, candy canes, and snowmen all work well!

Cut the shapes out of fun foam. You’re going to glue them onto the bottom of the film canister so you should keep them fairly small, but they can overlap the edges if they need to. Once you’ve cut out your shapes and assembled them as you see fit, use hot glue to stick them to the bottom of the film canister. Give it a moment to dry, and you’ve got a stamp!

The Finishing Touches

Now it’s time to actually make your Christmas stationery. Use the stamps with markers or stamp pads (if you’re using markers, just color the bottom of the fun foam – just remember that you’ll have to redo your color after every second stamp or so.

You can make all of your Christmas stationery the same or mix it up, whatever you like. When you finish, you’ll have a set of beautiful, inexpensive, and easy homemade Christmas stationery for all your letter-writing needs!