Easy Christmas Tree Crafts Can Be Customized to Your Own Theme

Add some flair to your holidays with these easy Christmas tree craft decorations

Whether a college student with a first tree or an empty-nester who can finally get rid of all the homemade Christmas tree decorations dripping from the branches, you’re on the hunt for easy Christmas tree crafts. Something fun, but still Christmasy — maybe a little special and exotic.

So you head out to the specialty stores and discover Christmas tree decorations for up to twenty bucks each. What are these people thinking in our cost conscious economy? You can make your own stunning and dazzling ornaments for a fraction of that price!

What You’ll Need

–Large, colorful plastic beads
–Gold or silver jewelry wire
–Gold or silver jewelry toppers to attach things together (these are the things in the craft store that look like tents or claws and have loops on top of them — usually you attach them to make a pendant for a necklace)
–Craft glue or hot glue gun
–Any extras you desire: accent beads, extra wire, extra loops to make things dangly, etc.

What To Do

The beauty of these Christmas tree decorations is that there’s no set formula. They’re so simple, but the result can be East Indian, Victorian, or ultramodern, depending on how you put the pieces together. However, the basic procedure remains the same — the flair is in the add-ons.

1. Select a few beads (2-4 is optimal) that look good together. They can be matching colors, complementary, clashing — you get the idea.

2. Decide how you’d like the ornament to look.

3. Glue the jewelry toppers to the beads. You will only need a topper for the bottom bead, but you’ll want to put one on the top and bottom of any other beads so that they can attach to each other as well as the tree.

4. Allow the glue to dry completely or you may ruin your Christmas tree decorations. Work on the others while the first ones dry. If you’re using hot glue, this should take a matter of minutes.

5. Hook the pieces together with extra rings or pieces of jewelry wire, or by unbending the hook on top of the jewelry topper and attaching it. The more loops and things you use, the more dangly your ornaments will be.

6. Twist a piece of jewelry wire into an interesting shape — triangles, spirals, and abstract twists work best. Attach it to the top bead.

7. Add any finishing touches.

And there you have it, unique, dazzling, picture perfect easy Christmas tree crafts in the blink of an eye.