Craft Ideas for Christmas Packages and Toppers

Super craft ideas for making your Christmas packages special

Craft ideas for Christmas package toppers are among Krafty Kris’s favorites. Craft ideas are sometimes hard to come by, but with a little prompting, you’re sure to come up with some fabulous Christmas craft ideas yourself.

Krafty Kris’s fabulous craft ideas for gorgeous Christmas presents…

Christmas gift wrapping can be dull and hum-drum, or it can be loads of fun! I absolutely love to dress up my Christmas packages using some of these unique craft ideas.

The displayed photo depicts one of my favorite craft ideas. It started out a simple wooden heart (I picked it up at a clearance sale at a craft store). I had no idea what I would do with it at the time, but with a little creative thinking, I came up with a beautiful package topper for a Christmas gift.

I had some teal-colored ribbons and ribbon roses I had used when making pillows for my friends living room. (She’s always asking me for craft ideas to dress up her house!)


So, using the left-overs from that project, I glued the end of the ribbon to the back of the heart then wrapped it around and around with the edges of each wrap overlapping until all of the wood was covered, then glued the end of the ribbon to the back.

Using a thinner version of the ribbon, I made a bow and streamers which I glued to the side of the heart using my hot glue gun, and then I attached the ribbon roses to cover the glue. I must admit, this is one of the best craft ideas I’ve ever had.

Factoid: Plain ole’ paper lunch sacks make wonderful Christmas gift bags. Using glue, glitter, paint and shaped sponges to decorate sacks is a whole lot cheaper than buying gift bags. You can even use scraps of cloth, ribbons or buttons. This is among the money-saving craft ideas.

I nailed a small wall hanger on the back of the finished heart and ran tape through it to attach it to the front of my friend’s Christmas package. She loved the package topper almost as much as the gift and it turned out to be a dual purpose craft idea because now her package topper is hanging on the wall over her sofa.

Anytime you find great deals on miscellaneous craft supplies, like the heart I used for this project, pick them up. With a little imagination, you’ll discover some great craft ideas awaiting you.