Crafty Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Simple Christmas tree decorating ideas that have a big impact

Every Christmas, I love unpacking all the decorations that we have made over the years. We love to see the crafts that we have tried over the years– some have been not so successful, but never fail to bring a smile to our faces anyway. There is one of my favorite Christmas tree decorating ideas that my kids love unpacking year after year– the long garland I made out of Christmas patterned fabrics.

Making a fabric garland

This is one of those crafts that can be time intensive, but you can do while watching TV or a movie, or talking on the phone. The impact this garland makes is worth the time. People always love it and are saying what a homey feel it gives the tree. And you can use this idea for other things too – making a small wreath, just tie the fabric pieces around a hoop wreath form. If making a swag with pine cones and cinnamon sticks – just intertwine them with some fabric ties for a bigger statement.


— Fabric of your choice – any color that will tie in with your decorations

— Scissors or rotary cutter

— Cutting mat

— Long piece of rope or twine (something strong enough to hold)



1. Take the fabric and spread it out. Fold it over in half, and then over again in the same direction. Cut fabric into strips about 3-4 inches wide. Choose a length that will work easily for your hands.

2. Cut the fabric again into small strips about a half inch wide.

3. Cut the rope to whatever length you want your garland to be. If it makes it easier, you can make it in smaller sections as well. Tie a knot at one end of the rope.

4. Begin tying the fabric around the rope. You do not need to double tie. Just pull each strip taut. Continue to scrunch the pieces together as you do more in length – this will keep the garland nice and full.

Once you finish a small section, you can imagine just how beautiful this garland will look on your tree. If you want to enlist some help, this makes great practice for kids who are learning to tie as well! I hope you enjoy making something that you will use for years to come. Every year this fabric garland proves to be one of my favorite Christmas tree decorating ideas