Crafty Homemade Christmas Decorations

Make homemade Christmas decorations to personalize your tree

Homemade Christmas decorations make the holidays special. Sure, storebought decorations have a certain charm, and they’re often beautiful centerpieces. But if you really want your holiday to have that old fashioned family feel, you need to do some decorating all by yourself.

Homemade Christmas decorations aren’t just fun and impressive looking, they can be very easy. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or have a few weeks of free time to turn out beautiful, easy decorations like these homemade Christmas baubles.

Use them to decorate a tree, or as embellishments around windows or on wreaths and strings of lights. Try different sizes and colors. Once you make a few of these, they have a thousand uses. Some of the things I’ve done:

-Decorated a themed Christmas tree
-Glued clumps of different sized decorations together to make hanging centerpieces
-Stuffed them in clear vases for table centerpieces
-Glued them on Styrofoam wreath forms

As you can see, there are limitless uses for these fancy homemade Christmas decorations. So grab some crafting supplies and let’s get started!

Making flashy Christmas baubles

What You’ll Need:

-styrofoam balls of various sizes
-large sequins in the colors of your choice (nice suggestions are red and green, red and gold, blue and white, silver and gold, blue and silver)
-short dress pins
-Ribbon (optional, for hanging)

What to Do:

To make your homemade Christmas decorations, simply pin the sequins on the ball. Start at the bottom or top and work your way around, overlapping sequins slightly to make sure you can’t see any of the Styrofoam through it.

If desired, hot glue a loop of ribbon on top (or pin it to the sequins) to make a loop for hanging. Otherwise, you can glue these together or use them in any of the other suggested ways (or any other way your brilliant mind comes up with). They look very fancy and professional, especially on a tree with lights striking from all directions.

Unless you’re using a very large ball, limit yourself to two or three colors per ball. Distribute them any way you like: top half and bottom, randomly interchanging, lopsided, you name it, it all looks good.

These are also excellent projects to work on with older children. They’re quite simple, although they do require a bit of patience and care. But at the same time they look polished and professional, and kids appreciate turning out something that doesn’t look like an elementary school project.

This Christmas, before you hit the stores check out what’s in your own backyard (or craft closet) and try some homemade Christmas decorations!