Creating Gourmet Chocolate Covered Spoons

Taking chocolate covered spoons beyond the ordinary

We’ve all seen chocolate covered spoons at Christmas; indeed, they’ve become something of a holiday staple. And why not? Dip a plastic spoon in chocolate and a basic cup of coffee becomes festive and special. They’re quick, cheap, and easy to make — where can you go wrong?

But chocolate covered spoons have much more potential than just being interesting accessories at Christmas parties. In fact, with only a tiny bit of effort, you can create beautiful gourmet chocolate covered spoons that are sure to be the highlight of any beverage-themed gift.

The basics, of course, remain the same: melt the chocolate, dip the spoon, and let it dry on wax paper. It’s the details that take your chocolate covered spoon from ordinary to extraordinary, and here are some details that will have your guests gasping in awe!

1. Use real spoons.

Plastic has its place, but when’s the last time you went to a fancy restaurant and received your coffee in a styrofoam mug? If you’re looking to go gourmet, buy real spoons — preferably nice ones, maybe in interesting shapes. The spoons become gifts on their own since the recipient can actually reuse them once they finish licking off the chocolate!

2. Use good quality chocolate.

Again, semisweet chocolate chips work just fine, but if you’re going for quality, then go for quality. The amount of chocolate you need to make chocolate covered spoons is so miniscule that the cost difference won’t make much difference, anyway.

3. Focus on presentation.

Take the time to make your spoons look special. Wrap them in clear cellophane and tie them with a gold ribbon. Package them in an interesting way, or do something else to make it clear how much effort you’ve put into these.

4. Get creative!

This is what really sets a gourmet chocolate covered spoon apart from the crowd, and fortunately, it’s the fun part, too. Let your imagination run wild and decorate your spoons. Just a few ideas include:

— drizzling the spoons with a contrasting colored chocolate

— rolling the still wet spoons in Christmas colored sprinkles, or sprinkling them for a sparser result

— gently pressing a contrasting colored chocolate or Christmas candy into the spoon’s center while the chocolate is still wet

— crushing candy canes and using the pieces to decorate

It’s entirely up to you — there are no rules. Just have fun and take pleasure in your gourmet chocolate covered spoons!