Creative and Original Christmas Photos

Short on Christmas photos? Try creating your own

Are you looking for something different to do with this year’s Christmas photos? Tired of dressing your family in matching clothes and dragging them to a photographer’s studio two months before Christmas?

Well, with all the great photo editing software out there, those exhausting visits can become a distant memory. You don’t need a lot of equipment or experience. You can alter your photos in a program as simple as Microsoft Paint or as sophisticated as Photoshop. Whether you want beautifully crafted Christmas cards, something informal, or even something humorous any one of your own personal photos is a great starting point.

Step One: Pick a photo.

Obviously, the first step is selecting your Christmas photos. They don’t have to be Christmas photos yet — they will be once you’re finished with them. In this example, I’ve selected a traditionally not Christmas photo of a bunny.


Step Two: Crop out the extras.

If you want to turn these into Christmas photos, choose your subject and get rid of everything else. You can do this in any graphics program by selecting the object you want and deleting everything else.

Step Three: Get creative.

There are many options when it comes to doctoring up those Christmas photos. Because I wanted to go with a cartoon themed card, I chose to use free clipart from the Appleworks archive. You can use other photos to mix and match backgrounds, or for a really personal touch, scan in some of your artwork (or your children’s!).

Play around. Crop things, move things, experiment. Save various forms of your masterpiece so you aren’t afraid to ruin things, and don’t forget that wonderful “undo” tool. In this example, I put the bunny outdoors and gave him a jaunty Santa cap, along with a colorful border and a snazzy gift box.


Step Four: Add the finishing touches.

Depending on what you plan to use your Christmas photos for, you may want to add a caption (such as Hoppy Christmas in my example). Otherwise, you can mat the photo and print it out to hang on your wall, or one of your children’s. Don’t worry… whatever you decide will be simply brilliant.

You can have a lot of fun playing with image editing software, and Christmas is the perfect time to experiment. One thing’s for certain, your Christmas photos will be anything but ordinary.