Creative Ways to Use Crafts for Kids

Inexpensive crafts for kids that make great ways to wrap presents

As Christmas fast approaches, put the kids to good use by having them create these crafts for kids that transform a plain roll of butcher-block paper into festive and personal Christmas wrapping paper. We are nearing that time of year when the kids are super excited for Christmas and we need time to finish all of our Christmas plans. Everyone can help out on this one! One of the last things I tend to think about is how to wrap all the presents we give to family and friends.

Homemade wrapping options

These creative crafts for kids can transform Chinese takeout containers, plain white gift bags and white butcher-block paper. Let the kids have fun rolling out a long sheet of the paper on the floor or table, give them some cookie cutters to use as stencils and let them create away. You can provide markers, paints, stickers and glitter glue (for those who are more daring!).

An inexpensive way to wrap those small or odd shaped presents is to use Chinese take-out containers or the plain white gift bags you can buy in groups of five. I have gone to my local Chinese restaurant and purchased take out containers from them – that is by far the cheapest way to get them. But you can also find them at craft stores.


— Roll of butcher block paper

— Plain white gift bags

— Plain white Chinese takeout containers

— Markers, paints, crayons

— Stickers

— Cookie cutters

— Glitter glue

— Sequins, fake jewels, etc.


Roll out butcher-block paper on the floor or table. For little ones, you may want to trace some cookie cutter shapes on the paper for the kids to decorate. There is something so tempting for kids when they color on the floor. Just by rolling out a fresh sheet of paper, my kids enjoy their own section for quite some time.

Use these wrapping options for not only family and friends, but there is also no better wrapping paper for teacher gifts than homemade paper! So put on some Christmas carols and enjoy wrapping all of those presents using these crafts for kids.