Decorating your Table with Repurposed Thanksgiving Crafts Centerpiece

Reuse your vases and candleholders for this Thanksgiving crafts centerpiece

Dust off those unused glass vases and candle holders and transform them into a great Thanksgiving crafts centerpiece. I know all of us have several old glass vases or candle holders that you hold onto because you know you’ll find a purpose for them at some point. Well, this is a great idea for reusing them in a fresh way that will work for your Thanksgiving table decoration this year.

Adding personality to your table

I found six glass containers stored throughout my cupboards. Then I went through my scrapbook papers, fabric stash and ribbons, and with just bits and bobs completely changed the look of these containers. I focused on using oranges and browns for my color palette, but you can use whatever will go with your dishes and serving pieces.


— glass vases, candle or votive holders

— scrapbook papers, ribbons, fabric pieces, twine

— scissors, pencil and ruler

— double-sided tape

— decorative hole punches to make patterns on your paper


1. Make sure your vases are free from dust. Measure the circumference of the vase or just use your best judgment. Cut the fabric, paper or ribbon to the width you like. For my example, I used different thicknesses for each vase.

2. Attach the double-sided tape to the vase once you have a starting point. Use one more piece to attach at the end. You may need to hold it in place for a few seconds to make sure it adheres.

3. If you want to use a paper punch pattern, make your designs along one edge of the paper. To layer several pieces on top of each other, make sure your seams line up.

4. Wrap your papers with ribbons, twine or bows and display!

I hope you have fun with this re-purposing project! Be sure to check for other great Christmas craft ideas.

Once complete, you can put flowers, branches or candles in your containers. You can use this idea for any season just by changing the colors of your papers and ribbons. For a Christmas theme, change your papers to a cute red and green polka dot, or an elegant pattern! Enjoy this great Thanksgiving crafts centerpiece.