Easy and Attractive Thanksgiving Crafts

Cornucopias are fabulous Thanksgiving crafts for decorations or gifts

Thanksgiving crafts are fun to make. Sometimes Thanksgiving crafts may be given to a hostess who prepares Thanksgiving dinner as a gift. Thanksgiving crafts can also be used as decorations for Thanksgiving festivities.

Krafty Kris’s favorite Thanksgiving crafts…

I absolutely love Thanksgiving crafts, almost as much as Christmas crafts. Of course, there aren’t nearly as many ideas out for Thanksgiving crafts as there are for Christmas crafts, but making crafts for Thanksgiving makes a lot of sense.

One of my favorite Thanksgiving crafts is the cornucopia, also known as the horn of plenty. I always make a fresh cornucopia every year as a Thanksgiving craft to use as a centerpiece on my dining room table.

From time to time, we go to relatives’ homes for Thanksgiving so I make it a point to make Thanksgiving crafts, usually a cornucopia, for the hostess of our Thanksgiving dinner.

Way back when, when the use of a cornucopia originated, it was made out of a goat’s horn. The goat’s horn was filled with food, like fruits and veggies, and sometimes flowers or grain. For Thanksgiving crafts goat’s horns are usually not readily available, so in modern times a cornucopia is generally made using a horn-shaped basket.

You can make these Thanksgiving crafts using artificial fruits and vegetables, dried or silk flowers and such. Or, you can make them using fresh fruits and vegetables and edible herbs or edible flowers.

To make the Thanksgiving crafts using artificial “ingredients”, get a horn shaped basket from a craft store. You can stuff the part of the basket that won’t show with a cone-shaped piece of Styrofoam since it is less expensive than the artificial fruit, veggies and flowers you will use to fill the horn. You can use floral wire and hot glue to attach the filling to the basket.

Did you know? Cornucopias have long been a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

When making these Thanksgiving crafts with fresh filling, you will actually fill the basket with the fruit, vegetables and flowers and sit the basket where some of the contents will fall out of it. Fresh cornucopia will serve well as a Thanksgiving crafts for table decoration as well as for festive Thanksgiving dishes.