Easy and Fun Christmas Crafts to Sell

Make these Christmas crafts to sell during the holidays

These adorable snowmen are excellent Christmas crafts to sell during the holidays. Instead of shopping booth to booth at your local holiday fair, open one of your own. For a small cost on craft supplies, you can create a variety of festive holiday people, starting with this snowman. Use these Christmas craft ideas to sell snowmen, nutcrackers, penguins, and Santas.

Clay pot snowman

I collect snowmen and love using a variety of craft supplies to create an assortment of snowmen for my house each holiday. Of all the crafts I have created, my clay pot people are my absolute favorite. They’re inexpensive, creative, and hold up well indoors or outdoors. I get compliments on them every year, and now you will, too. I’m sharing these adorable snowmen with you so that you can have Christmas crafts to make and sell this holiday season.

You’ll enjoy following these simple steps to create a festive snowman. You will also be thrilled with the final product — so much so, that you may keep one for yourself! To get started, pick up the following supplies. I will walk you through the steps of making 1 snowman. Collect the appropriate number of supplies for the amount of snowmen that you wish to make and sell.


— 4 clay pots (of equal size)

— 1 can of white spray paint or white stone spray paint (textured like snow)

— 1 large pon pon

— 3 small pon pons

— 1 piece of red felt (for the scarf)

— 1 piece of ribbon (the diameter of the pot’s lip)

— 2 googly eyes (or paint them, if you prefer)

— Red acrylic paint

— Yellow acrylic paint

— Black acrylic paint

— Glue gun and melting sticks

— Scissors


1. Spray paint 3 of your pots with the white spray paint. I used textured paint to create a snowy effect, but any white paint will work.

2. Paint the fourth pot black for the top hat.

3. Once your paint has dried, stack the pots using the 3 white pots on the bottom and the fourth on top. Reference the picture to stack your pots appropriately. Use your glue gun to glue the pots together.


4. It is now time to embellish your snowman according to your tastes. Glue the large pon pon on the top of the top hat.

5. Wrap the lip of his top hat with the previously measured ribbon, and glue into place.

6. Cut a 2-inch strip of felt, fold in half, and glue together. Wrap the scarf around the snowman’s neck (between the 2 pots in the middle) and glue into place.

7. Finish embellishing your snowman’s torso by gluing the small pon pons in a vertical row down his chest.

8. Finally, on the topmost white pot, paint your snowman’s face.

Now that you have these instructions, use them as a template to create more easy Christmas crafts to sell. Enjoy your craft time and good luck with your Christmas crafts!