Easy Christmas Crafts in 4 Simple Steps

Floral ornament balls make easy Christmas crafts this year

‘Impressive’ and ‘easy’ rarely seem to go together. However, these easy Christmas crafts will not only impress your holiday guests, they’ll blow you away at their simplicity. Never overpay for these in the store again. Make them for your friends and family, too. I originally saw these at a local holiday bizarre where they sold for $25 each!

I followed that shopping trip with a quick trip to the craft store. In just minutes, I knew how to make them and exactly where I wanted to hang them. I made a half dozen floral balls for $40. Everyone that has seen them is impressed with the look and ease at which I made them. Make these easy Christmas crafts for your entire house!


— Green foam craft ball

— 1 flat head push pin

— Ribbon

— Red floral stems

— Red berries

— Red glitter

— Glue

— Scissors or wire cutters



1. Measure a loop of your ribbon to hang the ball from in the end. Cut it at that length. Tie the ends together and use the flat push pin to connect the tied end to the foam ball. Over the pin’s head, smooth a drip of glue to keep it in place.

2. Cut your floral stems just below the flower, with about an inch of wire to stick into the ball. Stick each end into the ball and if necessary, secure the base of the flower to the ball with a drop of glue. Cover your ball completely.

3. Repeat the step above with your berry stems. If you did not get berry stems, use small, Styrofoam balls and paint them with red glitter paint. Place these around the ball, spaced out between the flowers. See the picture for help.

4. If you should so choose, use your glue and glitter, or red glitter pen to add a glitter line around the perimeter of each flower’s petal.

In the end, your easy and quick Christmas crafts will be about 6 inches in diameter. This should take approximately 30 minutes per ball, and each one will cost about $10 (unless you can find half price floral like I did!).

I used my easy Christmas crafts to decorate my door handles and mantle. They add a great splash of color and festivity to the small places all over the house. These easy Christmas crafts are worth the small amount of time and effort that you will put into them. Enjoy!