Easy Christmas Crafts to Decorate Your Home and Create Space in Your Pantry

These cylinder Santas are easy Christmas crafts for any age

Empty containers and boxes have always entertained your kids. Why not use those containers to make easy Christmas crafts that your kids will love? My family enjoys chips from a can. If your family does, too, then polish off those chips and save the container for your Christmas craft. If not, use any cylindrical object (pillar candle, rolled cardboard, or an empty jar) to create your Santa.

Once you have your cylinder selected, be sure you have the following items ready to build your Santa.


— Sheets of felt: 2 red, 1 black, 1 white, 1 skin-colored

— Cotton balls or large, white pon pons

— 2 Craft or popsicle stick – painted skin color

— 2 googly eyes

— 1 small, pink pon pon

— Scissors

— Glue



1. Wrap the top third of your cylinder with skin-colored felt. Glue into place.

2. Wrap and glue your red felt on the bottom 2/3 of your cylinder.

3. Cut your craft stick in half. Wrap it 2/3 of the way in red felt, starting on the flat end of the stick. Trim the edge on the rounded end (about 1/2 inch) with white felt. Glue all felt into place. Repeat for both halves of the stick. These will be the arms of your Santa.

4. Glue the “arms” to the sides of your cylinder, on the red felt-covered can.

5. Cut a 1-inch wide strip from the white felt, measuring in length 1/3 of the cylinder can. Glue vertically up the center of Santa’s chest (between his arms).

6. Measure a strip 1 inch wide that wraps around the can. Cut and glue at the base of your white, vertical strip. This is the base of Santa’s coat.

7. Cut 2 ovals, measure 2 inches in length and 1 inch wide. Glue to the base of the can to create his boots (that will peak out beneath his “pants”).

8. Finish his body by cutting a 1/2 inch strip of black felt that will wrap around the can to create his belt. Glue in place above the horizontal white strip you previously attached.

9. Form a cone out of your second sheet of red felt and glue together to form Santa’s hat. Top with a white pon pon or cotton ball and glue the hat, covering the top of the can. Glue into place.

10. Use the picture to help you place your pon pons or cotton balls in place on Santa to form his hair, beard, and trip for the hat. Glue them securely to the felt, leaving a small area for the face.

11. Finish Santa by gluing the googly eyes and pink pon pon onto his face to form his eyes and nose.

Hot cocoa and easy Christmas crafts to brighten up the holidays – that’s the way to spend your time this season! Enjoy these and many other Christmas crafts over the next month. Happy crafting!