Easy Christmas Crafts to Make This Holiday Season

Get in the holiday spirit with easy Christmas crafts

There are tons of easy Christmas crafts that look, if not professional, at least pretty impressive. If you’re a busy person with a family and a job — and most of us are these days — you probably don’t have hours to sit around baking and crafting for the holiday season. But you still want to have that memory-making pleasure of creating something and enjoying the holidays.

Fortunately, not all easy Christmas crafts involve simple popscicle sticks and glitter (although on a side note, you’d be amazed what you can make from the simplest materials). You can make something fun and exciting that doesn’t take longer than half an hour while you listen to your favorite Christmas carols. And if you decide to make these holiday soaps I’m about to tell you about, you’ll have the perfect easy Christmas craft to use as gifts, decorations, and so much more.

Holiday soaps: Surprisingly easy Christmas crafts to make!

To be clear, we are not going to make soap. Making soap is time consuming and difficult. The beauty of most simple Christmas crafts is that they skip the hard, difficult steps and replace them with premade items that work just as well as (or better than) homemade stuff.


-White soap without anything on it. You’ll rewrap it after so don’t worry about the packaging. It doesn’t technically have to be white soap, but it looks better.

-A flat paint brush, not too large

-White craft glue

-Christmas themed stickers, decals, etc. — use your imagination. I really like to cut pictures out of old Christmas wrapping paper.

-Round Christmas stickers or seals

-Plastic food wrap

What to do:

1. Remove the soap from its packaging.

2. Glue the image to the rounded side of the soap. Yes, glue it. You’re just using white glue; it’s specifically designed to be nontoxic.

3. With the paintbrush, paint a layer of glue over the image and around the edges to seal it in place. Let the glue dry completely, then repeat the process. You can repeat it as many times as you like, but make sure you do it at least five times if you want it to last for a while.

4. Cut a small square of plastic wrap and lay the soap image side down in the center.

5. Pull the plastic wrap as tightly as possible, trimming edges if necessary.

6. Tuck the edges together and seal them in place with a sticker or seal.

You only need to do steps 4-6 if you’re giving the soaps as gifts and want them to look packaged; otherwise, just put the soap out and use it. You can use this exactly as you would any other soap. Over time, the glue will wear off and the picture will fall away.

Enjoy your holiday season, and have fun making easy Christmas crafts!