Easy Christmas Crafts to Use Throughout your House

Easy Christmas crafts using three simple steps

I always love using easy Christmas crafts to decorate around the house. This year use words of the season to decorate the mantle and shelves. Just a few simple tools can transform craft store letters into a great Christmas decoration. This is one of those easy crafts that doesn’t take a lot of time or money. You probably have most of the items on hand.

Decorating words of the season

For my example, I used holiday scrapbook paper to decorate the letters. But other cute ideas include adding some glitter, candies or pom poms to decorate the letters. Some peppermint candies would look great or you could paint some candy cane stripes. Any materials around your house that you use for your seasonal decorating you can incorporate into decorating these letters. If you like to use more glitz and sparkle, use glitter. If you like more of a natural look, use mini pine cones.


— Chipboard, wooden or papier-mâché letters

— Foam brushes

— Modge Podge

— Papers, paints, candies, etc. for decorating the letters



1. Trace letters onto the backs of the scrapbook paper. Be sure to use the mirror image so that the right side up will not have pencil marks.

2. Brush Modge Podge onto the backs of the paper.

3. Carefully position the paper to cover the letter. If you add more decorations onto of the papers, brush Modge Podge over the paper and glue items into place. Allow to dry.

It’s that simple! In fact, you could do this to add some holiday cheer to any room in your house. Try using different sizes and fonts of letters for different words and you can have a whole new look without any extra work. Incorporating easy Christmas crafts in your decorating can add personal touches to your home this holiday.