Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts

How to make simple but gorgeous Christmas ornament crafts

Christmas ornament crafts can sometimes get complicated. These beaded trees are actually very easy to make once you get the hang of them. I can do a whole batch sitting in front of the TV, and they’re great for so much more than just hanging on a mini Christmas tree. They work well as gift adornments, Christmas jewelry, charms, and so much more… these really are my go-to craft of the season.

The instructions are a little bit complicated, but again, the craft itself couldn’t be easier. Just string your beads and feed the line back through each section — after practicing the first few times, you’ll barely have to look anymore. Your hands will know what to do.

I’ve used green and silver beads to get that Christmassy look, but you can really use any colors you like on these Christmas ornament crafts.

How to make beaded Christmas ornament crafts

What You Need:

-Fishing line (2-3 foot long length)
-Seed beads in two (or more) colors — I like green and silver, but you can use your imagination

What to Do:

1. String one colored bead onto the fishing line. Hold it in the center and tie two knots on either side of the bead to keep it in place. You should now have two equal lengths of fishing line hanging from either side of the green bead.

2. Forget about one of the strings for now. On the other, string beads in the following order. I’m writing this as though you chose green and silver, but if you’re using different colors, just substitute them in. The green will be on the front and the silver on the back.

-2 green beads, 2 silver beads
-3 green beads, 3 silver beads
-4 green beads, 4 silver beads
-3 green beads, 3 silver beads
-5 green beads, 5 silver beads
-4 green beads, 4 silver beads
-6 green beads, 6 silver beads
-4 green beads, 4 silver beads
-2 green beads, 2 silver beads
-2 green beads, 2 silver beads
-2 green beads, 2 silver beads

You’re now done with this string. I recommend tying a knot or stringing a bead several times to keep the beads from falling off this side of the string as you work with the other side of the string.

3. Now this is the tricky part!

Take the end of the empty string. Separate the first two green beads you strung after the one where you tied the knot. Pass the end of the empty string backwards through those 2 beads (so the end of the empty string should now be pointing at the first bead). Pull both strings tight. This should pull the two green beads flush against the first bead.

Repeat this procedure with the 2 silver beads. They should lie behind the green beads.

Continue this procedure with each set of colored beads. As you pull them together, they should line up to form the tree.

4. Once you’ve completed stringing all of the beads, tie two or three tight knots in the fishing line. Dab the knot with a bit of clear nail polish or crazy glue so it doesn’t come undone.

That’s it! Now you can use a needle and thread to create a loop for hanging, or just tuck your beaded ornament into a stocking. They also look great glued onto napkin rings. Have fun with these Christmas ornament crafts.