Easy Christmas Wood Crafts Anyone Can Make

Berries and hearts wall hangings are incredibly easy Christmas wood crafts

Easy Christmas wood crafts can be made for gifts and for Christmas decorations. Craft stores are filled with ideas for easy Christmas wood crafts, but you’ve got to use a little imagination to know what exactly to do with them.

Krafty Kris’s easy Christmas wood crafts…

I love to browse through craft stores, craft catalogs and craft supply websites looking for miscellaneous wooden things that I can use to make easy Christmas wood crafts.

I was out shopping one day and found some wooden hearts on a clearance sale. I picked them up having no idea what I would do with them, but for twenty-five cents each I couldn’t pass them by.

When I got ready to start making Christmas crafts for the year I ran across these wooden hearts in my supply room (yes, I have a craft supply room). I decided that they were just perfect for an easy Christmas wood craft project.


I had a rustic looking wall that just really needed some decoration. I figured easy Christmas wood crafts could be worked in to dress up that wall. So, I painted the wooden hearts green to match my country decor and used the scrap material from the gingham checked pillows I had made for the sofa to make the bows that I glued on the hearts.

They were cute just like that, but I thought they needed a touch of Christmas to qualify as easy Christmas wood crafts. So, I added some berry branches I had left over from a wreath project.

I thought they still needed a little more, so I used a wire twister and twisted some wire which I used to connect the hearts together and tied on a little straw-like ribbon to make the easy Christmas wood crafts more countrified.

I decided that I liked the creation so much, that I leave the hearts hanging on that rustic ole’ wall year round. These are easy Christmas wood crafts that cost practically nothing to make, and they are rather cute, don’t you think?