Easy Christmas Crafts Articles

Easy Christmas Crafts to Use Throughout your House

Easy Christmas crafts using three simple steps

I always love using easy Christmas crafts to decorate around the house. This year use words of the season to decorate the mantle and shelves. Just a few simple tools can transform craft store letters into a great Christmas decoration. This is one of those easy crafts that doesn’t take a lot of time or money. You probably have most of the items on hand.

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Kids Christmas Crafts to Make for Rudolph

Simple and magical kids Christmas crafts

Christmas is such a magical time for kids and I am always looking for easy kids Christmas crafts. Sometimes it’s the simple things that the kids will remember the most as they get older, and these recipes are an easy and fun way to add some holiday cheer. Every year we leave the same old plate of cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer – but this year, we are leaving out some reindeer food instead.

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Simple Steps to Easy Christmas Crafts You Will Love

Let it snow with these easy Christmas crafts

There is something about a snowman that warms the heart for the Christmas season. Use this adorable snowman for easy Christmas crafts to decorate your home. In just a few simple steps, you will have yourself a fabulous snowman Christmas decoration to hang on your door. He is inviting and cute, but looks professionally made. Make many of these and give your Christmas projects to your neighbors and friends.

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Christmas Projects You Can Use for Gift Giving and Decorating

Handmade potpourri makes for easy Christmas projects that look and smell great

The stores are already filling for Christmas, and I am ready to get going on some great Christmas projects. Now is the perfect time to get started. While on one of your nature walks, gather some key ingredients and make this easy potpourri.

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7 Uses to Turn Cranberries into Easy Christmas Crafts

You love the look, now turn those gorgeous cranberries into easy Christmas crafts

Cranberries aren’t just for eating anymore. Try these 7 different uses to turn bags of fresh cranberries into easy Christmas crafts. They’re colorful, fresh, and inexpensive to purchase. Don’t settle for pre-made decorations when you can make your own. Here are a few ideas to spice up your home with cranberries this Christmas.

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Fabulous and Fun Christmas Crafts

Fun Christmas crafts in 3 simple steps

Fun Christmas crafts are easy to find, but they’re not always something you want to display later. Use these fun crafts for Christmas to decorate around your home. They even make excellent table decor for patio furniture and plant stands that need some festive sprucing. Indoors or outdoors — these marble stained glass tiles are excellent decor for your home.

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Easy Christmas Crafts in 4 Simple Steps

Floral ornament balls make easy Christmas crafts this year

‘Impressive’ and ‘easy’ rarely seem to go together. However, these easy Christmas crafts will not only impress your holiday guests, they’ll blow you away at their simplicity. Never overpay for these in the store again. Make them for your friends and family, too. I originally saw these at a local holiday bizarre where they sold for $25 each!

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Easy Christmas Crafts to Decorate Your Home and Create Space in Your Pantry

These cylinder Santas are easy Christmas crafts for any age

Empty containers and boxes have always entertained your kids. Why not use those containers to make easy Christmas crafts that your kids will love? My family enjoys chips from a can. If your family does, too, then polish off those chips and save the container for your Christmas craft. If not, use any cylindrical object (pillar candle, rolled cardboard, or an empty jar) to create your Santa.

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Easy and Fun Christmas Crafts to Sell

Make these Christmas crafts to sell during the holidays

These adorable snowmen are excellent Christmas crafts to sell during the holidays. Instead of shopping booth to booth at your local holiday fair, open one of your own. For a small cost on craft supplies, you can create a variety of festive holiday people, starting with this snowman. Use these Christmas craft ideas to sell snowmen, nutcrackers, penguins, and Santas.

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Christmas Arts and Crafts in Less Than 15 Minutes

A little foam and a lot of Santa make these Christmas arts and crafts a blast

Purchase your pre-set Christmas arts and crafts supplies or make them yourself from scratch. Either way, you end up with a fabulous foam Santa ornament to hang from your tree, embellish your gift boxes, or dangle from your mantle. He stands about 3-4 inches in diameter, and perfect for any nook or cranny in dire need of some spicy holiday cheer.

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