Easy Crafts You Can Wear for Christmas

Christmas earrings are easy crafts anyone can make!

Easy crafts that anyone can make are nice around Christmastime. Using easy crafts, you can make Christmas gifts which can save you money on your Christmas budget. You can also get kids involved in making easy crafts and they’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

Krafty Kris says Christmas earrings are easy crafts anyone can make!

As you can see in the photo, Christmas earrings are easy crafts to make. The Christmas tree earring in the picture is just one idea.

The Christmas tree earrings are made from a thin piece of wood shaped like a Christmas tree. It was painted green, then decorated with other colors of paint. Once the paint was dry, an earring clasp was glued to the back and it became an earring. Talk about easy crafts!

At a craft store you can find the earring clasps and quite a variety of things you can use to make the earrings. Small, precut wood pieces, miniature bows, small colorful mirror decorations and so forth are materials you may use for these easy crafts.


If you are using these easy crafts for Christmas gifts, or wearing them yourself, you may want to consider making matching jewelry pieces. For instance, you could use three precut Christmas trees that match the earrings and attach them to a string of beads to make a matching necklace, or you could attach a pin on the back to make a matching broach.

The possibilities are endless when making costume jewelry that is really popular for holidays. These are some very easy crafts that adults and children enjoy making.

Rather than being a main gift, they can also be used as package toppers to decorate wrapped Christmas presents.

These super easy crafts also make fabulous Christmas gifts and are really inexpensive.