Easy Kids Craft Ideas Unleash their Creativity

Fun kids craft ideas with simple supplies

At Christmastime, I’m always looking for kids craft ideas. The kids so eagerly await the arrival of Santa it can be hard to focus all that energy. Let them unleash their creativity with great Christmas arts and crafts for kids that you can treasure for years to come. With simple craft supplies, this can keep the kids busy for hours.

Simple kids garland

Using craft store foam or paper holiday shapes, the kids can create custom ornaments for the tree. You can string several shapes together to make a garland for the windows, the tree, or to decorate their own rooms. And if they really enjoy making these and you have some left over, there’s nothing Grandma and Grandpa love more than Christmas crafts from children.


— Holiday foam or paper shapes available at craft stores (an alternative is cutting out the forms from paper)

— Ribbon

— Glitter glues in different colors

— Stickers, pom poms, cotton balls, stamps, markers

— Jewels or craft gems

— Hole punch



1. Cut shapes out if you don’t have the forms.

2. Give the kids whatever materials you have.

3. Let them create away!

4. Hole punch the top of each shape and tie the ribbon through the holes.

Enjoy the holiday season using these kids craft ideas.

Having colorful decorations for the holidays always makes the holidays cheery and bright. On one of those cold wintry days when the kids are inside, let them have fun creating some kids craft ideas with one of a kind decorations for your tree.