Easy Kids Crafts for Christmas Photos

Christmas keepsake kids crafts

Kids crafts are fabulous at Christmas time! Not only do kids crafts give the kiddos something fun to do, but projects from kids crafts create hand-made memorabilia that is always special.

Krafty Kris’s photographic kids crafts…

All parents think their kids are just so cute! Parental nature maybe, but really, all kids are cuties. Many families make it a tradition to have Christmas photos of the family or of the children taken every year. Whether your photos are taken professionally, or in the comfort of your own home, Christmas photos can be used for kids crafts which create wonderful keepsakes of the children’s development, and the development of their talents, over the years.

Kids crafts are tons of fun for kids of all ages and making kids crafts part of a family’s holiday tradition creates memories that will always be treasured.

Photographic Christmas crafts are easy kids crafts that can be made in a variety of ways. Here are some suggestions:


Foil pan ornaments for kids crafts

One of my favorite kids crafts if foil pan ornaments. Using a small foil pan (like those that contain frozen pot pies or miniature pies or pie crusts, you can create a picture frame for the Christmas photo. Have the kids lay the pan on top of the photograph and trace around the outer edge of the pan to make a cutting line on the photo. Sit the photo aside where it won’t get glue on it (a standard tip for kids crafts).

Poke a hole in one edge the pan and thread a pretty ribbon through it. The ribbon will serve to hang the kids crafts ornaments on the Christmas tree once they are finished.

Give the kids glue, glitter, sequins, buttons, bows or any other types of kids crafts decorations they can place on the edges and the back of the pan and let them decorate the pan, but be sure to tell them to leave the inside center of the pan undecorated.

Once the pan is decorated and the glue has dried, the photo can be adhered to the center of the pan. When using photos in your kids crafts, it is best to attach them using an adhesive tape that you can get from a scrap booking store or a craft store that carries scrapbook supplies. Paste will work, but glue should not be used at all as it can soak through the photo causing damage to the picture.

Did you know? Glue was first patented in the 1700s and it was made out of fish.

Other photo ornaments for kids crafts

There are many different ways to make photo ornaments for kids crafts. You can use popsicle sticks to make frames, or make frames out of construction paper then laminate them. Whatever the project, you and your children will find Christmas kids crafts to be very enjoyable.