Easy to Make Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Bookmarks are perfect and easy Christmas gifts to make for the bookworms on your list

Whether you want a quick project to do with your children or an attractive and simple gift to make for your closest friends, bookmarks do the trick.

These three book marks are easy to make and personalized to suit your own tastes.
Perfect for your book club friends or teachers who have taught your kids the joy of reading, these easy to make Christmas gifts are perfect for the grown up bookworms in your life.

1. Attractive Adult Bookmarks:

What you Need:

-1/2 inch ribbon
-2 charms (the kind that you put on jewelry, available at any craft store)
-glue gun
-ruler and scissors

Cut a 12 inch length from the ribbon and threat each end through a charm. Fold the ends over and glue them shut. The ribbon goes into the book with one charm hanging out the bottom and the other folded over the top of the cover. For an extra-special touch, tuck it into a favorite book and you’ll have a complete Christmas gift.

2. Earth Friendly Christmas Card Bookmarks

These bookmarks are fun and easy to make Christmas gifts for even very young children.

What you Need:
-last year’s Christmas cards
-poster board
-Crayons or markers
-Mac Tac (sticky, clear plastic available at most office supply stores)

Cut a 9 by 2 inch strip of poster board. Have the kids cut out pictures from old Christmas cards to make a collage. They can add decorative touches and/or messages with crayons and markers. Once the bookmarks are finished and the glue has dried, carefully “laminate” them with mac tac.

3. Christmas Star Bookmark

These are fantastic easy to make Christmas gifts for your child’s friends. If you get an assembly line going, you can make one for every kid in the class!

What You Need:

-large craft popsicle sticks (the tongue depressor size)
-a wooden star to go on top
-black and gold craft paint
-glue gun
-wire, other mini wooden pieces, or other decorating items (optional)

1. Paint all the stars gold and the sticks black. Let them dry, then flip them over and do the other sides. If you use acrylic craft paint they should dry quite quickly.

2. Glue the star to the end of the stick. You can stop here and still have a cute bookmark of a Christmas star, or you can glue on coils of wire, more stars, or other decorations: it’s up to you!

Whether you pair them with a great book or just make them as little gifts for friends and local children, these easy to make Christmas gifts are perfect for anyone who’s ever lost their place in a book.