Easy and Edible Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

Whether You Want the Finishing Touch for a Gingerbread House or Just a Fun Activity, these Christmas Crafts for Toddlers are Just Right.

It can be tricky to find edible Christmas crafts for toddlers that are age appropriate and still fun. Even preschoolers get bored of cutting out cardboard stars and sprinkling them with glitter, after all. That’s where these edible Christmas trees have all the makings of a great craft. They’re fun, a bit messy, and best of all, you can eat them later.

What You’ll Need

–lots of helpers — either adults or older children (this is a great activity for “partnering up” older siblings, family members, or students)

–one pointed ice cream cone (without ice cream) for every tree

–jelly candies, sprinkles, lollipops, and anything else you can think of that will make a great decoration for your tree

–green food coloring

–a container of vanilla frosting

What to Do

1. Optional: If you haven’t made gingerbread houses and you don’t want your preschool crafts gobbled down by hungry, well, preschoolers right away, you might want to do the following:
–cover a small piece of cardboard with tinfoil
–use the white frosting to cover the surface of the cardboard (to create “snow”)
This will be the basis for your “forest” later on.

2. Mix the vanilla frosting with the green food coloring.

3. Press a small hole in the pointy part of each cone (just big enough for a lollipop stick).

4. Spread the frosting over the cone to create a tree. Encourage the kids not to worry about smoothing it out — trees are supposed to be bumpy. And if you have older kids helping, you might have to remind them that these are preschool crafts — let the younger ones help.

5. Decorate the tree by pressing candies and sprinkles onto it.

6. Push a lollipop stick through the hole on top to create a topper for your tree.

7. Do what you wish: push them into the frosting snow to make a forest, add them to gingerbread houses, or, as with the best preschool crafts, eat them.

These fantastic crafts can be enjoyed by younger and older children alike, and the older ones really get a kick out of being the “helpers.” Whether you want a quick activity or a family project, you can’t beat these edible Christmas crafts for toddlers for fun, simplicity, and ease.